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Nneka Slams Wendy’s Claim of Not Knowing Cousin


On this episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Ashley has decided a trip to Austin may be a great idea for this group.  Not many are hopeful that this will end successfully, and Gizelle doesn’t quite know what she’s getting herself into with Austin: “What’s the slogan? Weird people?” Nevertheless, the ladies rally and some bond, while other continue their beef- we’re looking at you, Wendy and Nneka

Mia and Gizelle shop with Ashley in preparation for Austin. They start talking about the group dynamic and they feel as though Karen has been on “crack and juice,” trying to get everyone to get along. Gizelle begins pondering the Nneka and Wendy issues and she feels like if Nneka was lying about the shrine thing, that would be a BIG accusation to claim a mother is praying against an entire family. Besides, the way Nneka delivered the information seemed quite truthful.

The ladies are wondering why Wendy would say she didn’t know Nneka and Gizelle feels like Nneka is speaking the truth. It’s a dangerous topic when it comes to voodoo and Gizelle believes that Wendy and her family are all working together “for evil.”

Wendy and her husband, Eddie, decompress post-pickleball.  Wendy feels like the only time Nneka talks is when it involves her and it’s giving “skin me and wear me like last year’s Versace” vibes. The Facebook fight between Iyke and Eddie comes up and it’s interesting to see how Wendy plays that off.  Iyke claims it was his first-time meeting Eddie and just because they all went to the same college (not at the same time) doesn’t mean they are legit friends.  Eddie wonders how Wendy and Nneka can be together on this upcoming trip and TBH, so do I

Nneka is feeling the pressure to have kids and so she brings Iyke to the obgyn to check in with things. While waiting for the doctor, they chat about the pickleball event and Nneka is feeling pretty horrible about how things went down.  Nneka knows that these shrines in Nigeria are very real and the only time someone submits your name to a shrine is for trouble.

The doctor lets Nneka know that they are fine to conceive. Nigerians, according to Nneka, are highly fertile people who can have twins easily.  All I know is the way she speaks to her husband is wild and if she wants anyone on her side, she better start being nicer to him!

Mia is nervous to be attending therapy with her husband. Because of their recent financial woes, they have decided that therapy would be helpful with her relationship.  Ever since Gordon was voted out of the family business, there is a lot of tension in their marriage (translation: the money dried up and Mia wanted out). It went as far as Mia retaining a divorce attorney, unbeknownst to Gordon, which causes more issues.  Mia explains that a couple of months ago there was a sale, the company sold, and the lawyer ended up keeping some of the money in “escrow.”  Gordon took a legal route trying to obtain the money, the lawyer got disbarred, and then he committed suicide. Mia believes that Gordon will always go full force on a business level and that is his way of protecting his family, but things have been hard lately.

Everyone is prepping for Austin and Nneka is planning to be respectful and kind to Wendy, despite all of the issues. Robyn is already irked why Ashley stuck her in a van with Candiace and things are awkward. Gizelle wonders if Karen likes Robyn and Karen begins her “Karen-ism” about pies and Robyn. It just doesn’t make sense.

The ladies are going bananas about Ashley’s penthouse accommodations until they realize that only Robyn will be getting a penthouse room since she has been under “a lot of stress” lately.  Even after Karen tries to work though her pie analogy with Robyn again, things are still not smoothed over and the issues still linger, as well as the confusion regarding the infamous pie.

Karen, Candiace, and Wendy end up at the pool first.  Wendy continues to claim she doesn’t know Nneka, and the while vibe changes when the rest of the group rolls up. Karen refuses to ignore the elephant in the room between Gizelle and Candiace.  Gizelle does not want to acknowledge Candiace and Gizelle comes back to say that she chooses not to participate with Candiace. Afterall, Gizelle claims that Candiace’s “husband made me feel uncomfortable because your husband made me go into a bedroom and closed the door.” Gizelle feels as though nothing good will ever come from her talking to Candiace.

While the rest of the crew sits around at the pool, Mia and Robyn take a stroll. Mia shares the gut-wrenching tale of the recent death in her life and lets Robyn know that since the lawyer’s suicide, Mia has been in a fragile emotional state.  Robyn has been through an eerily similar situation, which explains their boding.  Mia knows that it’s “just money,” but when the law gets involved, things get serious.

Over at the pool, Karen calls Gizelle out for being quiet during pickleball and Gizelle comes back saying that the witchcraft business made her uncomfortable. Nneka reminds the group that Wendy said she prays against people and then trips up on her own age, stating that in her 40 years of life whereas during her doctor appointment, she said she was in her 30’s. That lying doesn’t help her case…

Robyn and Mia join the group in the midst of this back and forth and we are reminded that on her social media, Wendy’s mom did wish ill on Mia.  Wendy goes back to check on what was said exactly, which was not a great move for her case considering the way her mother spoke (“holy ghost fire and thunderstorm, amen”).  Witchcraft or just a threat?

Wendy, Miss I Don’t Know Nneka, makes it clear that Nneka’s in law and Wendy’s sister are no longer friends, which is curious timing for a friendship fallout. Nneka is not buying it. Wendy feels like Nneka specifically went against her Nigerian sister and the hatred came from Wendy’s sister calling Nneka a “clout chaser.” Nneka points out that the falling out happened post-shrine conversation, but it IS weird to say you don’t know someone, and then you find out that person was celebrating the birth of Wendy’s child AND that Wendy called this cousin-in-law out as someone she hopes her daughter will be like. (Love production giving us all the flashback of the scene that we need). This isn’t looking good for Wendy, considering her story is getting cracks in it…

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