“Normalize applying moisturizer this season” – Daniel Regha advises Nasboi on skin care, he reacts

Controversial Twitter personality, Daniel Regha has given his two cents on how skitmaker, Nasboi can take care of his skin this season....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

Daniel Regha, who is known for not minding his business, advised Nasboi to take care of his skin in his recently uploaded photo.


Daniel sent a direct message to Nasboi, advising him to use moisturizer as his skin was a bit dry.

He went on to stress how crucial it is to maintain hydration of the skin’s outer layer.

Sharing a screenshot of their conversation, Nasboi informed Daniel that it was an old picture.

The comedian pleaded with his fans to help him beg Daniel Regha to leave him alone.

Daniel Regha wrote: “Pls normalize applying a little more moisturizer this season, especially if you often use an AC. Couldn’t help but notice that your skin was a bit dry in your recently uploaded post. It is very important for the outer layer one’s skin to stay hydrated.”


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