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Oyinbo Laments After Man Who Gave Him Accommodation In Benin Was Denied US Tourist Visa (Photo)

The American had organised for Anicet to visit the United States so that he could spend some time abroad and relax.

An American man, Tim Hirschel-Burns has taken to Twitter now X to lament after a friend he met in Benin Republic was denied tourist visa.

He took to the platform to tell the story how Anicet, a man from Benin, gave him free accommodation when he came to visit his country.

While trying to reciprocate the gesture, the American organised for Anicet to visit the United States so that he could spend some time abroad and relax, but Anicet was denied visa.

Tim signed a document to prove that he was willing to finance all of the Beninoise man’s travel expenses when he sought for a tourist visa to America.

Tim was disappointed that he had been refused despite Anicet’s eight-month wait for his immigration interview. The American guy stated in a lengthy Twitter (X) discussion that the US embassy always presumed that persons on tourist visas would never return to their home nations.

However, his application was denied after he paid a visa fee of $185 (N141,458.40).

Taking to his Twitter page, the Oyinbo wrote, “It was driven home to me today how our immigration system isn’t about coming “the right way”—it’s about having money, the right passport, and the right skin color. After waiting 8 months for a visa appointment, Anicet—my longtime best friend from Benin—was rejected in 2 minutes”.

I got to Benin as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2017. I stayed with Anicet for two weeks when I first arrived in my community. He was also my tutor in the local language. We quickly became friends.This pic from the day we met is still his cover photo on Facebook.

“He met my family when they visited Benin. Just in August I stayed at his house for several weeks when I was back in Benin. He also administers my fund to provide health, food, and educational support to people in the community—taking no money for his work”

“When I visited in 2022, we decided that we wanted to try to have him visit the US. He has hosted me time and time again—it’s only right that he comes to see my home. When he applied for a tourist visa, there was an 8 month wait for an appointment. October 16 was the date for it”.

“I knew it would be hard to get a visa. US law says a consular officer should presume the tourist will not return to their country when their visa expires. We were going to convince them that Anicet had a legitimate reason for a tourist visa and would return to Benin afterwards…

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