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Pair apprehended for inappropriate margarita act in dining establishment

Authorities in Georgia arrested a couple after the wife reported that a video of them engaging in a sexual act with a margarita inside a Mexican restaurant had circulated online....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

Joe Boyett took a now-viral video of himself attempting to funnel a margarita down the butt of his wife, Mary Sweats, inside Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Waycross, Georgia, according to TMZ.

However, Boyett couldn’t get the funnel to work — so he tossed it and poured the tequila-based beverage from the pitcher straight down his wife’s rear end as she was on all fours in the restaurant’s booth.

Screengrabs from the explicit video show a woman on her hands and knees on a restaurant booth with her butt exposed, with the man in a baseball cap and orange shirt holding a margarita behind her.

One image shows him pouring the beverage while another shows him grinning after completing the act.

Sweats then called the cops to complain about their raunchy video being leaked and going viral online — a call that instead triggered the couple’s arrests, TMZ said.

According to the outlet, the police had been unaware of their salt-rimmed shenanigans up until that point, but once they were made aware of the video they arrested the pair.

Boyett turned himself in on Monday while Sweat did so on Tuesday, TMZ said.

Police said another explicit clip taken by the couple shows Sweat exposing her breasts and Boyett putting her left breast in his mouth while she pulls him closer.

The restaurant, located in the southern Georgia city of Waycross, slammed the “inappropriate” incident and warned any employees involved would be facing consequences.

“We recently became aware of an inappropriate incident that took place in our restaurant,” a letter shared by the restaurant online read. “We want to make it clear that such behavior is completely unacceptable and does not reflect our values or mission to provide a family-friendly dining experience.”

While Sweat was a willing participant in the funnel fiasco, the restaurant is probing whether a so-far-unidentified employee was also involved in the X-rated antics.

“We are taking the matter very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation in collaboration with the authorities,” the restaurant added. “Any employees found to be involved will face appropriate action.”

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