People are losing their minds over Lionel Messi’s knees, an explanation has been given

The peculiar shape of Lionel Messi’s knees has had fans losing their minds but it turns out there is a genuine explanation for why they look a little different.

Prior to signing for David Beckham’s Inter Miami, Messi was on holiday in the Caribbean with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and three children.

The 36-year-old posted snaps of his vacation but many fans were left a little perplexed by the shape of his knees and the fact they looked abnormal with two noticeable lumps.

One commented: “What’s up with Messi’s knees.”

A second added: “That’s the secret sauce to being the best footballer in the world, knee muscles.”

A third joked: “Bro your knee has a knee”

A fourth user weighed in: “I thought Messi had an amputated leg for a second.”

The same question was asked by another fan, who said: “Why yo knees look like that?”

A sixth was a bit more explicit, writing: “What the f*** is going on with his knees.”

However, despite its slightly odd appearance, there is nothing to worry about in regards to Messi’s knee-caps.

Catalan outlet RAC1 say the lumps are simply a result of his inner quadriceps being more developed from the work he puts in.

He also has a painful-looking free-kick technique where he appears to be almost ‘sprain’ his ankle when he lines up to strike the ball, but there is also no cause for concern here either.

And while his knees might be a bit weird, Messi went and collected his eighth Ballon d’Or award on Monday night in Paris.

He beat both Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe to the prize, which he believes will be his final Ballon d’Or.

“It’s nice to be here once more to enjoy this moment,” Messi said after being presented with the gong on stage.

“To be able to win the World Cup and achieve my dream.

“I couldn’t imagine having the career I’ve had and everything I’ve achieved, the fortune I’ve had to be part of the best team in history.

“All of them [Ballon d’Or awards] are special for different reasons.”….CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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