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President orders minister’s arrest over alleged witchcraft

Mohamed Muizzu, the President of Maldives, has reportedly ordered the arrest and detention of the State Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Energy, Fathimath Shamnaz Ali Saleem with her ex-husband and two other accomplices..READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

on the allegation of casting spells on the country’s president.

They have been ordered to remain in jail for a week pending an investigation.

The arrests have sent shockwaves through the political landscape of the Maldives, a nation known more for its idyllic beaches and tourism than for allegations of sorcery at the highest levels of government.

The Maldives police have not officially stated the reasons behind the arrest of the minister. However, they have declined to confirm or deny media reports suggesting that the charges involve ‘black magic’ directed at President Mohamed Muizzu.

The accusations have sparked widespread speculation and concern among the public and within political circles.

Fathimath has been a prominent figure in the government, actively involved in shaping policies related to climate change and sustainable development.

Her sudden arrest on such unusual charges has raised many questions about the underlying political dynamics at play.

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