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“Raw Talent”: Man Displays Sweet Football Skills in Street, Crowd Gathers to Watch Him in Video

A highly talented man gathered a large crowd and entertained them with his impressive football skills

The man made use of a tennis ball, but his skills became evident with the way he touched it with parts of his body

The large crowd which gathered to watch him cheered with loud voices as he entertained them non-stop

A man’s impressive football skills have made him immensely popular on social media.

He was spotted using a tennis ball to entertain people in public, touching it in ways that made his audience shout.
Man displays sweet football skills.

The man touched the tennis ball in a skilful way.

In the clip, which was reposted on Instagram by @nwe, the man appears to have a slight disability in his right hand.

He picked up the tennis ball with his right leg, juggled with it for several seconds and then allowed it to touch his nose.

He skillfully transferred the ball to his back and held it there for as long as he wanted.

The baller used his head to throw the ball up again, and it fell and rested securely at his back.

At this point, his fans who were present could no longer hold their joy as they shouted and hailed him. The video was attributed to @falkao.diesel0, who posted it on TikTok.

Watch the video below:

Netizens praise man who touched ball in a sweet way

@didierdrogba said:

“Raw talent on every street’s corners.”

@mamdan_deity said:

“Real question: What’s holding individuals like him from playing football professionally? It ain’t exactly a handball sport, it’s a football sport….. soooo?”

@lordfokwaa reacted:

“Africa should be on Netflix. Lol!”

@lovegk7 said:

“Africans can do anything.”

@omalichacheafrica said:

“I swear IVORIANS are such happy people. The ones in the comments, the ones I’ve talked to.”

@yusifminister1 said:

“AFCON 2024 … they should make him perform at the opening ceremony.”.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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