Sergio Rico set for Paris Saint-Germain return 11 months on from near-death experience

Last May, Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Sergio Rico suffered severe head trauma during an accidental horse-riding incident at his home in Huelva. The 30-year-old underwent brain surgery on several occasions and spent over a month in intensive care, before being released from hospital 82 days later.

Since then, Rico has been on the road to recovery, which is now almost at its end. According to The Athletic (via Diario AS), the Spanish stopper passed medical tests laid out to him by PSG, meaning that he is very close to returning to Luis Enrique’s squad. These examinations checked his cardiovascular system, neurological capacity and cervical vertebrae, and everything looked good...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

Furthermore, Rico does not require a helmet to play, which shows just how much he has recovered. The former Sevilla and Mallorca keeper is expected to be available to Luis Enrique for the first time later this month, and it will be a great moment if he is able to take to the pitch for the French champions before the end of the season.

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