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Socialite “Jayboogie has acute kidney injury due to botched surgery” Socialite Chiomalovv reveals

Socialite, Chiomalovv has shared more information into the critical health challenges that transgender Jayboogie, is facing in the aftermath of his botched surgery.

Chiomalovv took to the comment section to disclose that Jayboogie, is grappling with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), a condition stemming from the unsuccessful surgery.

According to Chiomalovv, Jayboogie’s kidneys are now unable to effectively filter waste from his body, necessitating daily dialysis to both remove waste and sustain his life. The influencer emphasized the exorbitant costs associated with this life-saving procedure, expressing concern for Jayboogie’s current predicament. Furthermore, Chiomalovv hinted that the long-term prognosis might involve a kidney transplant if Jayboogie manages to survive this harrowing ordeal.

In message, Chiomalove extended heartfelt wishes for Jayboogie’s recovery, expressing deep empathy for his plight and hoping that he receives a second chance at life from a higher power.

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“Acute kidney injury (AKI) resulting from his botched BBL surgery. Simply put, his kidneys can’t filter waste from his body again and he’s on dialysis (which is very expensive) everyday to remove the waste and preserve his life. In the long run he may probably need a kidnev transplant if he even survives this ordeal.

I’m wishing him luck, I feel so much pity for him, I hope he is given a second chance at life”

Earlier today, Kemi Filani reported on Jayboogie’s distressing Instagram live video where he emotionally detailed the aftermath of his botched surgery. The revelation included the shocking development of kidney complications that arose post-surgery. In the video, Jayboogie conveyed his fear for his life, holding the doctor accountable for the disastrous outcome. He shared the extent of his discomfort, revealing that he had depleted all his financial resources on dialysis and necessities like diapers, presumably due to the nature of the surgery, speculated to be a gender reconstruction procedure.

Jayboogie disclosed the severe impact of the surgery on his urinary functions, leading to prolonged periods of being unable to urinate or use the toilet comfortably. This revelation provided clarity for those previously unaware of the gravity of the kidney injury resulting from the botched surgery.

In a recent live church session, Jayboogie as also seen typing in, “Lord, please help me.” The deep plea resonated with viewers..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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