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T.I. and His Son King Harris Settle Differences After Public Dispute

T.I. and his son, King Harris, have hash things out behind the scenes after their very public dispute shook the internet a week ago....For More CONTINUE THE FULL READING▶▶

The younger Harris has been in the headlines a lot lately for some questionable behavior, and it seems he and his parents finally butt heads while attending an NFL game in Atlanta. King was on Instagram Live when the argument started, which quickly reached boiling point, and he and T.I. yelled at each other before the rapper seemingly put him in a headlock.

Sources told Urban Islandz that the father and son have since talked it over and apologized to each other. We’re told the fight is now water under the bridge, but T.I. still feels like his son is doing too much sometimes. “All that is now water under the bridge,” sources said. “They both apologize for the spectacle and moved on from it. It’s just a little family mishap that unfortunately was streamed live for the world to see, but all is good in the Harris household.”

King Harris new song
T.I.’s son King also released a new track dedicated to his grandmother, Tiny’s mother, in his ongoing feud with his family over them abandoning him and his grandmother raising him.

King was on live video arguing with his mother and father on Sunday at the Falcons honor game, almost causing his father to put hands on him. During the argument, King insisted that he was raised by his grandmother, and he was raised outside of wealth and money while the other children in the family grew up rich and spoiled.

However, Tiny insisted that King was always at his grandmother’s because he was always crying and fighting to go. She also teased him that he was using a baby pacifier until he was a 12-year-old.

The young artiste, however, seemed upset as he argued with his parents. It’s not the first time that King has tried to assert some type of street cred by claiming that he grew up in the “trenches” and was gangsta.

However, in his latest song, the young rapper dedicated the song “Grandma Boy” to his granny Dianne Cottle Pope.

I ain’t come from the 8, I grew up rough stay with my grandma, you know how we play,” he said, adding that “I grew up in a muthaf*ing area where dem nas don’t play,” he said.

King previously claimed on Funny Marco’s show that the family reality show portrayed a false reality.

It’s a lot about that TV show, man, that got people confused. Because I live with my Grandma. You know, we’ll go to the house on, like, a weekend. They’ll say, ‘Hey we shooting today, we need y’all at the house.’ They come get me from my Grandma house and right after we done, when the cameras go off, I’m right back to my Grandma house,” he said as if his parents did not want him around.

In the meantime, producer Hitmaka seemingly shared words of encouragement to T.I. after the video surfaced of King acting out. “I love tip & his whole family. I used to be exactly like king as a kid & now as a grown a$$ man with sum money I 10000% know I was tripping. Be smart lil bruh,” he wrote on Twitter.

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