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Tattoo artist reveals worst request they’ve received – and what they did instead

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Whether it’s a drunken Ibiza tattoo of your now ex-boyfriend’s name, or a portrait of your idol that looks like it’s slightly melted – thousands of Brits are living with tattoos they wish they never went for in the first place. Lasering off your body art can be expensive, painful, and doesn’t always give you the results you might be hoping for.

However, one tattooist has stopped his customer from getting a skull-rose graphic permanently inked on his skin and ‘levelled up’ his design.

Tattooist Daniel Silva has amassed more than one million followers on TikTok thanks to his incredible artwork. But in a recent video, the ink master stirred opinions online after revealing the ‘worst’ tattoo request he’d ever received.

The anonymous client asked for a black and white jawless skull with roses flowering out of the head. But instead of sticking to the common design, Daniel created a much more detailed skull with a crack on the forehead and a leaf-like crown. Surrounding the main piece of artwork, he inked a faint circle with star patterns and a single horizontal rose.

Hundreds of tattoo enthusiasts rushed to the comments section to praise the re-work, with many saying it looked ‘amazing’. “Bro levelled that tat up by 10,” one person raved. Another agreed, commenting: “No way. You made that a thousand times better, looks damn amazing.” While a third added: “That’s a beautiful tattoo, like, I want that.”

However, others slammed Daniel for not listening to his client’s request – with one arguing: “Looks good. But why not just give them what they want? Like, what if they were getting matching tattoos?” Another wrote: “Bros always so negative. It’s their body let them get what they want.” A third added: “Just give them what they want.”

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