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Ten Foods You Must Never Put Inside Refrigerator No Matter What

The refrigerator is without a doubt, the first place you would think of storing food items, especially perishable food items. And of course, it’s a great way to store food, lock the freshness in, and extend the life of most foods. But, aren’t you getting it wrong sometimes? Shouldn’t some of those foods be stored differently than your first modern-day refrigerator instinct? Aren’t they foods that don’t belong in your fridge?..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Well, in this article you will get to know some food you are not suppose to be putting in fridge. below are some food you should never put inside fridge;

1. Hard Cheese

Hard cheeses usually undergo about 6 months of curing, and when this is done, it’s stable enough to be stored anywhere else but the fridge. Storing hard cheeses in the fridge hardens it more, so that it’s hard like rock.

2. Herbs

Just because herbs are fresh and perishable, doesn’t mean they should automatically be put in the refrigerator for storage. By doing that, you’ll get what you were trying to avert a lot sooner than expected.

3. Bread

Refrigerating bread actually causes it to age faster, become stale, and spoil. Not to mention, it dries it out. If you must choose refrigeration for your bread, the freezer is your best bet. You can toast some and it’s fresh as new.

4. Garlic

Garlics are best stored in ventilated places. Congested places and the refrigerator are wrong places to store garlic. Doing this will not only increase the acidity and mold, but it’s potentially injurious to your health.

5. Onion

Similar to garlic, onion bulbs don’t do well with refrigeration. Onions rot easily and a lot quicker with moisture. So, even while choosing dry places to store them, be mindful that you don’t pair them with potatoes in the pantry.

6. Potatoes

If you want your fries crispy and delicious, leave them lying in the pantry until your ready. The ideal temperature for your potatoes is room temperature – nothing too extreme. What the refrigerator does to your potatoes is; it converts all the delicious start to slimy sugar.

7. Honey

Fun fact: honey is actually a forever food – never going bad. You’ll love your honey a whole lot more if it were stored in the pantry, and away from temperatures that are too extreme. The refrigerator causes honey to crystalize, and it becomes almost inedible.

8. Eggs

Many people will disagree with this, since eggs are also kept in the refrigerator at the grocery store. As a regular practice, if your eggs were selected from the refrigerator, that’s how you should store them. However, fresh eggs are best left in the pantry.

9. Tomatoes

Refrigeration is the worst decision when choosing how to store your tomatoes (unless they’re pureed). Their texture, flavor, and freshness will be lost if stored in the refrigerator. Besides, they ripen faster outside the fridge.

10. Coffee

If you want your coffee to retain its aroma and taste, don’t put it in the refrigerator. The humidity of the refrigerator is not ideal for coffee and coffee beans. A freezer could be an option, but only in exceptional cases.

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