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The List Of The Nigerian Army Ranks And Their Duties

The Nigerian Army is a crucial component of the country’s armed forces and plays a significant role in maintaining national security.

The ranks and duties within the Nigerian Army are structured to ensure effective operation and command. Here is a list of some of the key ranks and their associated duties:

1. Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

The highest-ranking officer responsible for overall command and administration of the Nigerian Army.

2. Lieutenant General.

Senior officers who often serve as corps commanders or in other high-level positions.

3. Major General.

Responsible for leading divisions and playing crucial roles in strategic planning.

4. Brigadier General.

Often in charge of brigades or key staff positions in various army units.

5. Colonel.

Battalion commanders and staff officers serving in important roles.

6. Major.

Responsible for commanding companies or working as staff officers.

7. Captain.

Company commanders and various administrative roles.

8. Lieutenant.

Platoon leaders and other junior officer positions.

9. Warrant Officer.

Highly skilled and experienced non-commissioned officers who assist in leadership and training.

10. Sergeant.

Senior NCOs who provide leadership, mentorship, and training to junior enlisted personnel.

11. Corporal.

Team leaders and squad leaders in smaller units.

12. Private.

Entry-level soldiers responsible for carrying out orders and tasks.….CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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