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The spirit of the holidays brings joy and well-being, science says

How to be happy, alone, at home or with our loved ones when we feel sad instead? Is there a recipe for a good mood? Based on science, yes, it exists and it’s about Christmas! Have you ever heard that we are all happier at Christmas? Well, according to scientists, this statement is more than a simple belief and could indicate how to be happy in this period, despite problems and worries, but also all year round… all it takes is a little imagination and feeling a child again. But let’s try to understand better..READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

At Christmas, as the saying goes, we are all better and, as science shows, even happier. Thanks to scents, colors and lights that relieve the stress and anxiety of everyday life, bring good mood and even improve socialization.

We are happier at Christmas, here’s why
The interview appeared in a British newspaper and was reported in the main media around the world. Well, the psychoanalyst Steve McKeown stated that decorating the house and tree for Christmas makes us happy and helps to detach from the stress and anxieties that grip us every day (McKeown, UNILAD). The result is a more serene mood due to the feeling of nostalgia, linked to childhood and carefreeness, which aromas, lights and Christmas decorations evoke in us. Or, as stated by Dr. McKewon, this feeling of well-being, based on personal history, may also be due to a form of compensation for a past in which Christmas was neglected. Whatever the cause, decorating the tree and the house for Christmas gives us serenity, as it revives our inner child, which we may have hidden under layers of commitments, worries and reasoning, forgetting that magic is always within our reach, capable of making us see things from another perspective and allowing us to find the resources within ourselves to face every obstacle, just as when we were children every puff of colder air, every sound and every little light was the announcement of the coming of Santa Claus who made us forget everything else. And this is why, in these days, we hear people saying that those who decorate the tree first are happier… there is a scientific basis for what has been said.

Decorating the house helps to socialize
A team of American scientists published an article in the Journal of Environmental Psychology analyzing relationships between people during the Christmas period (Werner et al, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 1989). The results of the study lead to the conclusion that decorating your home for Christmas not only makes you feel happier but also helps you bond more with your neighborhood and appear more sociable. If others perceive us as more cheerful and open, which happens when we display Christmas lights and decorations, they are more likely to consider us friendlier too. It’s easier to socialize this way!

Conclusions and Merry Christmas!
Whether it’s already November, late December or even Christmas Day, it doesn’t matter when we like to decorate our house for the holidays, but doing so is an extra help, always and in every circumstance, to combat anxieties and worries, improve mood and even socialize more! Merry Christmas to all!

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