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“This could never be me” – Lady sparks reactions as she fearlessly takes a stroll with 3 lions

Raneisha, a fearless lady, has attracted the attention of many on social media by demonstrating her adventurous spirit while walking with three big lions...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

This startling video, published by @missfergie08 on the popular social media platform TikTok, received a lot of attention.

In a video shared online, the brave lady is shown taking a daring walk with three well-behaved, majestic lions.

According to the lady, the lions she saw walking are merely well-trained, not tamed, which means they can easily revert to their natural state.

“They do get to mischief within their territory,” the lady said.

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Reacting to the post..

@Suzane✝️Esther said; “Just another day of a South African Ntombi walking her lions. Yours are so well behaved, mine are always running off and I need to chase behind them.”

@Miss K. said: “No I don’t wanna chill with the big boss.” said: “Look at the size of the lions….”

@christopherthom said: “Super brave hats off to you.”

@Gertjie said; “Just imagine walking around the block in your neighborhood like this!!!!!!.”

@Jackie said; “That is very brave – thanks for being brave for me as well.”

@The best ZA said; “this could never be me.”

In other news, a lady with no fingers has captivated the hearts of social media fans as she proudly displays her engagement ring online.

The lady, whose name is Akila Gift, happily informed her fans on Facebook of her engagement.

The lady graciously shared pictures of her engagement ring on social media, displaying her fortitude and happiness as she accepted her unusual situation.

The touching photographs of a lady exhibiting her joyful expression and her ring prominently featured have drawn the focus of a large audience.

It’s a YES. Now I wonder which hand is the right one to put a ring on,” the joyfully lady caption read.

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