Vinicius Junior disinterested in three sides trying to engineer move from Real Madrid

Real Madrid could have some major offers put on the table for their forwards in the coming summers, as the ecosystem adapts to the presumed arrival of Kylian Mbappe, but as things stand, there are no plans for any of their stars to move on. That includes Vinicius Junior.

The Brazilian was clear that he had no plans to leave the Spanish capital due to the racial abuse he has been suffering over the past two years, but there had been reports that Liverpool, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain were willing to put €200m on the table for Vinicius. Quite apart from the horrendous abuse he has suffered, many have pointed out that Mbappe’s favoured position is the same as that of Vinicius...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

It will be Carlo Ancelotti who is left to solve that conundrum, as neither Vinicius nor Real Madrid have any intention of considering an exit, regardless of the size of the offer. So say Marca, who point out that if PSG want to get revenge on Real Madrid for swiping their brightest star, they will have no luck with Vinicius. The 23-year-old feels respected and loved at Real Madrid.

Fellow Brazilian Rodrygo Goes has also made it clear he is keen to remain at Real Madrid, regardless of the significant interest in him from the Premier League. It is understandable that all of Real Madrid’s stars are enjoying life at the Santiago Bernabeu, although once game time is impacted by Mbappe’s arrival, next summer there will no doubt be more speculation.

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