WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo loses mind in Saudi Arabia with double-elbow red card, raises arm to referee

Cristiano Ronaldo has continued his poor disciplinary record this season with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia, after receiving a red card from during a huge clash with league leaders Al-Hilal. Ronaldo was sent off for elbowing his opponent twice, with Al-Nassr 2-0 down in the 86th minute, and looked as if he was about to threaten the referee with further punishment.

Last month Ronaldo received a fine and two-game ban for grabbing his genitals and geturing to the crowd after hearing them chant Lionel Messi’s name at him, and he would hear the same again as he made the long walk to the dressing room...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

After his foot was stepped on, the ex-Real Madrid forward reacted badly, trying to elbow his opponent twice, for which he was sent off. Ronaldo would spend his walk off applauding the crowd and the referee sarcastically as he went off.

On the reverse angle it can be seen that the 39-year-old raised his arm to the referee after he was sent off, looking like he was about to hit the official, but there he did restrain himself.

Ronaldo looks as if he might finish as top scorer in Saudi Arabia, but out of the Asian Champions League, and 12 points behind in the league, his only hope of a trophy is in the Saudi Cup, where Al-Nassr are in the semi-finals.

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