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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: 20 weird Bible verses you have probably never heard of

For Christians, the Bible is the leading book with all the teachings about their faith and way of life. It has been around for ages, with multiple versions produced targeting different groups of people. While the Bible is a familiar book among Christians, there are weird Bible verses you probably did not know existed.

Weird Bible verses
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As a Christian, you probably can recite several memory verses you learned growing up. Even though most Christians are conversant with most Bible verses, some are less known and may seem strange. If you never knew, there are multiple weird Bible verses you might not have encountered. Explore some of the bizarre verses in the Holy Book.
Weird Bible verses

Most things appear normal until you find a strange part of them. The Bible is not different since there are verses that you may find quite appalling. Below are strange Bible verses you probably have never heard of.
1. Deuteronomy 23:1 – English Standard Version

No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the LORD.

Meaning: This Bible verse talks about abolishing old retrogressive practices by many Christians, such as castration. The Eunuchs, who were castrated so that they work as watchmen in women’s hostels, will not have a place in heaven.
2. Deuteronomy 25:11-12 – New International Version

If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.

Meaning: This law condemns a woman from touching a man’s private parts, especially intending to injure them. It recommends a harsh punishment for the woman, and Moses directs Israelites to show no mercy to such a woman.
3. Deuteronomy 28:27 – New American Standard Bible (NASB)

The LORD will smite you with the boils of Egypt and with tumours and with the scab and with the itch, from which you cannot be healed.

Meaning: The verse talks about the Lord’s wrath against people who go against His teaching. The consequences of sinning are dire, as the Lord will harshly punish those who do not follow his instructions.
4. Deuteronomy 28:53 – New International Version

Crazy Bible verses
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Because of the suffering your enemy will inflict on you during the siege, you will eat the fruit of the womb, the flesh of the sons and daughters the Lord your God has given you.

Meaning: This is one of the weirdest Bible verses you will find. It talks about the hardship you will encounter when your enemies besiege you. You can do unnatural things in such a situation, like eating your children.
5. Exodus 4:24-25 – New Living Translation

On the way to Egypt, at a place where Moses and his family had stopped for the night, the Lord confronted him and was about to kill him. But Moses’ wife, Zipporah, took a flint knife and circumcised her son. She touched his feet with the foreskin and said, “Now you are a bridegroom of blood to me.”

Meaning: This is among the most shocking Bible verses, showing God’s anger whenever one disobeys His commandment. God, the giver of life, wants to take Moses’ life after he disobeyed Him, but Zipporah intervenes.
6. Ezekiel 23:19-20 – New Century Version

But she remembered how she was a young prostitute in Egypt, so she took part in even more prostitution. She wanted men who behaved like animals in their sexual desire.

Meaning: This scripture illustrates how Israel forgot God’s ways and emulated the nearby nations’ ungodly practices. Further, it outlines the repercussions that will befall Israelites. Ezekiel uses the language to show how alarming the situation is.
7. Genesis 38:8-10 – New King James Version

And Judah said to Onan, “Go in to your brother’s wife and marry her, and raise up an heir to your brother.” But Onan knew that the heir would not be his, and it came to pass when he went in to his brother’s wife, that he emitted on the ground, lest he should give an heir to his brother. And the thing which he did displeased the Lord; therefore, He killed him also.

Meaning: This is among the strangest Bible verses that will surprise you. When a man died without having a child with his wife, it was his brother’s responsibility to have a child with his late brother’s widow. However, the child did not belong to him but to his dead brother.
8. Judges 19:22 – New American Standard Bible

Weirdest Bible verses
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While they were celebrating, behold, the men of the city, certain worthless men, surrounded the house, pushing one another at the door, and they spoke to the owner of the house, the old man, saying, “Bring out the man who entered your house that we may have relations with him.”

Meaning: This verse depicts the highest order of the world’s immorality. Rowdy men storm a celebration and demand a man to be handed over to them. They had carnal knowledge with the man and later killed him.
9. 2 Kings 2:23-24 – New International Version

From there, Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then, two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys.

Meaning: Elisha, the prophet of God, is mocked by a group of young men. He curses them, and as a result, two bears appear and seriously devour 42 of them. This acts as a warning to those who despise men of God as they will be severely punished.
10. 2 Kings 6:29 – New Living Translation

So we cooked my son and ate him. Then, the next day, I said to her, ‘Kill your son so we can eat him,’ but she had hidden her son.

Meaning: This Bible verse also discusses the repercussions of disobeying God’s commandments.
11. Leviticus:18:17 – Berean Standard Bible

You must not have sexual relations with both a woman and her daughter. You are not to marry her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter and have sexual relations with her. They are close relatives; it is depraved.

Meaning: No man should marry his wife’s daughter. If the woman passes away and leaves behind a daughter she did not have with her husband, her husband cannot marry because the daughter shares the same flesh with her mother.
12. Leviticus 20:15 – New American Standard Bible

Craziest Bible verses
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If there is a man who has sexual intercourse with an animal, he must be put to death; you shall also kill the animal.

Meaning: This is one of the craziest Bible verses condemning sexual relations with animals. It states that the man who lies carnally with an animal and the animal should be killed because they are unclean.
13. Leviticus 20:18 – New International Version

If a man has sexual relations with a woman during her monthly period, he has exposed the source of her flow, and she has also uncovered it. Both of them are to be cut off from their people.

Meaning: A woman who is on her menstrual cycle is considered unclean. Therefore, this Bible verse directs that no man should sleep with a woman on her period until seven days after her cycle when she is considered clean.
14. Leviticus 24:16 – Berean Standard Bible

Whoever blasphemes the name of the LORD must surely be put to death; the whole assembly must surely stone him, whether he is a foreign resident or native; if he blasphemes the Name, he must be put to death.

Meaning: No one should call the name of the Lord in vain. This is among the obscure Bible verses that spell out the harsh repercussions of blasphemy. Whoever is guilty of blasphemy is stoned to death.
15. Numbers 22:28-30 – New King James Version

Then the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you that you have struck me these three times?”

And Balaam said to the donkey, “Because you have abused me. I wish there were a sword in my hand. For now, I would kill you!”

So the donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden ever since I became yours, to this day? Was I ever disposed to do this to you?”

And he said, “No.”

Meaning: This is a funny Bible verse as it is pretty strange for a donley to speak to a human being. However, it shows God’s many ways to communicate with humans.
16. Numbers 31:17-18 – New International Version

Shocking Bible verses
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Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

Meaning: This is a vengeful act the Lord directs Moses to do. Midianites were unholy and adulterous.
17. Proverbs 21:9 – Berean Standard Bible

Better to live on a corner of the roof than to share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

Meaning: Having peace of mind is essential in a man’s life. It is better to be alone peacefully than to have a frustrating companion.
18. Proverbs: 31:6 – New International Version

Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish!

Meaning: This is among the insane Bible verses showing how sometimes people can be inconsiderate.
19. Psalms 137:9 – New Living Translation

Happy is the one who takes your babies and smashes them against the rocks!

Meaning: People can rejoice in hurting you.
20. Galatians 5:12 – New Living Translation

Obscure Bible verses
A child reading the Holy Bible.

I just wish that those troublemakers who want to mutilate you by circumcision would mutilate themselves.

Meaning: Apostle Paul is upset by people trying to bring back legalism into the gospel. He curses them and wishes that bad things befall them.

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