“When a woman loves you, she will control you; you are her first child” – Emmanuel Okose tells men

Popular clergyman, Emmanuel Okose asserts that a woman who loves a man would want to control him like a mother and not lead him to failure...READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

The controversial clergyman made this assertion in a video in which he sent advice to the menfolk.

He stated that a woman who genuinely loves a man would always attempt controlling him and giving him good advice because she would never want to see him fail.

Emmanuel Okose illustrated how a mother hen is always mindful of her chicks, and stated that a woman is also thoughtful of her kids and a man, her husband or boyfriend, is like her first child.

His words …

If a woman genuinely loves you, she will control you. One of the biggest foolishness that a lot of men do is that they ignore the advice of a woman that loves them. When a woman loves you, she will never advice you to fail, she will stand as a mother, as a hen that covers her children. You are her first child. Arrogant man! You are her first child. Listen to a woman that loves you. They can never lead you wrong.”

Watch video below …

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