Wizkid’s Baby Mama, Jada Pollock Shares Video Of Their Kids Singing And Playing Piano After Putting Up Christmas Tree

Michael Ike, the eldest son of Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, has declared his desire to have no association whatsoever with his father.
In an interview with media personality Chude, Michael recounted how the actor was allegedly verbally abusive towards him. ‘’He said whether she wants to kill my siblings so that it will be like it is only him that is alive. Let him sef kill himself. Everyone should just kill themselves. Who says they can kill themselves to their children?..READ THE FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE▶▶

“He said he has other kids my age around the world. I was like is that supposed to faze me? “The next morning, I got a 10-minute voice note from him. This is not the first time. He is always sending me VNs insulting my life ‘ You are doing music, you will never prosper. I will see you on the side of the road and I will spit on you. Don Jazzy will never see you.’”He sent about 8 VNs, he sent them to my mum. My mum couldn’t listen to it.

She was trying to calm me down, me that I was trying to calm her down.  I was so surprised mehn. I was like that this can’t be someone I should be proud of. I started thinking what do I do when I bring a woman home. This guy would bless my kids for me? It started making me get scared that I am going to have issues like this when I grow up?”

When asked what he wants his dad to do or stop doing, Michael said; ‘’Nothing. I don’t want anything from him. I do not want anything from him, I think it was four days ago I realized I don’t want anything from this man. He told me to go crush my head by a truck right? That was the line for me.

I am dead to this man. I don’t want anything from him.”Reacting to comments that his mum might have turned him against his father, Michael said; ‘’When I met my mum for the first mum, the first thing I said was I really hate my father.”Watch a clip from the interview below

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