“You Go Explain Tire”, and 5 Other Burna Boy’s Sensational Moments Netizens Created Into Memes

Memes have become a staple of internet culture. Nowadays, it’s unusual to come across a popular social media post that doesn’t include a picture, video, or gif

Legit.ng compiled some viral musical and casual content by Nigerian musician Burna Boy, which has provided his countrymen with humorous and relatable memes to utilise on all social platforms

Memes have become an integral part of the internet culture as netizens all over the world find new ways to make the social media space more interactive.

These internet images or short clips are usually created from viral celebrity moments or phenomena that have had a significant wave in the social community.

Other times, they stem from distinctive movie scenes that address avant-garde culture making its way into the society.

Odogwu dey enter your eyes meme by Burna Boy, Moment Burna Boy learnt of Mohbad’s death on IG Live

In the case of multi-award-winning Nigerian musician Damini Ogulu, best known as Burna Boy, Legit.ng outlines his notable online moments that produced some of the best-used memes on social media.

Moment Burna Boy rejoiced over his Grammy victory in 2021

In 2021, Burna Boy won Best Global Music Album at the Grammy Awards.

His album Twice as Tall won the award over records by Antibalas (FU Chronicles), Bebel Gilberto (Agora), Anoushka Shankar (Love Letters), and Tinariwen (Amadjar).

The Last Last hitmaker was not present at the grand event to accept his plaque and give his speech, which was captured on a live video call where he appreciated African creatives worldwide and advised them to groom their talents regardless of their background.

As he accepted the Best Global Music Album award from his home in Lagos, Nigeria, Burna declared:

“This is a big win for my generation of Africans all over the world.”

“This should be a lesson to every African out there: No matter where you are, no matter what you plan to do, you can achieve it…,” he added.

Out of that joyous situation, people online created a meme that they have used to virtually express their emotions.
The moving “Odogwu dey enter your eye?” video

Still, around 2021, the Atlantic Records star buzzed the internet with a short clip of him addressing the man behind the camera to stop checking him out.

Burna was draped in a nicely fitted monochrome two-piece with a cowboy hat, captured in a lively ambiance while he spoke a few words in the Nigerian broken English that immediately became a catchphrase among internet users.

He said:

“You are seeing Odogwu; you are spying Odogwu. Odogwu dey enter your eye. Close am”.

The clip was used as a meme to make fun of those admiring someone’s appearance.

Burna Boy’s onstage stride at Madison Square Garden, New York

Footage from Burna Boy’s Madison Square Garden concert, where he walked-danced to his feature with DJ Tarico’s Yaba Buluku, had his countrymen in stitches.

The video was shared widely on social media to depict tonnes of humorous actions.

“Another Story” performance at Madison Square Garden

Still on his Madison Square Garden show, the singer’s performance on one of his hits, Another Story, from his studio album African Giant became a graphic representation used to attack someone who frequently makes excuses or doesn’t follow through on their word.

The iconic “You go dey explain explain tire” catchphrase

Sometime in the middle of this year, 2023, the self-acclaimed African Giant stressed the significance of “making it in life.” He maintained that success is the only proof someone has that they worked hard.

Captured in a room with his team, he noted that the end result fuels his passion to work hard every day to achieve success because it should never be said when he is no more that he tried his best, but there’s nothing to show that he genuinely did.

While smoking, the Port-Harcourt-born musician expressed himself in Pidgin, saying:

“For this life ehn, if you no make am, no evidence say you try your best o! You go dey explain tire!

“You go dey explain.. explain.. explain.. because no evidence say you try your best if you no make am for this life.

“Naim make we dey paa! You understand? No be the one wey we go kpai now, dem go say, ‘Oh, he tried his best’. How you take know?”

Since then, the video has become a meme used to taunt one’s opponent into believing that their views or opinions do not count.
Moment Burna Boy found out about Mohbad’s tragic death on IG Live

An internet video captured Burna Boy’s initial response during a live Instagram session upon learning about Mohbad’s passing. According to a video online, the Grammy-winning musician experienced shock after learning the sad news.

During an Instagram live session, the self-styled Odogwu saw that some of his supporters were leaving “Rip Imole” in the comments.

He was perplexed by this and had to alert his personal assistant to get a clear grasp of the information. They were all obviously stunned by the news, even though it seemed like none of them had heard it before.

Despite knowing the sad incident around the live video, Nigerians found a way to create a meme with the singer’s reaction.

See the video below

Burna Boy points out worldwide social media nuisance

The Multi-award-winning Nigerian musician publicly stated his distaste for Twitter users and generally tagged them as “mad.”

In an interview on Henrie’s hotline Kiss FM, the Last Last singer was asked what he would like to bring for discussion, and he immediately declared his hatred for all X (formerly known as Twitter) users.

He stated that he initially assumed the strange behaviour was peculiar to Nigerian users and might be different in other countries, but he later discovered that the same trend remained true in Kenya, South Africa, and the United States..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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