You Hit Him First Twice

 Adebola Adeyemo, former Personal Assistant to veteran actor, Emeka Ike has made some allegations against the actor’s ex-wife, Suzanne Emma...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

He alleged that she was the first to hit the actor.

Adeyemo spoke during a live interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze, on Sunday….Click Here To Continue Reading>>

“Before, I didn’t want to say anything because it has been a long time. In fact, when it started, people were calling me to say something, but I refused. Not until when bros (Emeka Ike) really wanted to talk about it,” he said.

Having close ties with both Ike and his ex-wife, Adeyemo elaborated on the intricacies of their relationship.

He said, “I am very close to that family. In fact, I am close to both of them because me and mama started as models even before she started dating Emeka Ike. I am close to Emeka because of a job that we did together at Maryland.”

When Daddy Freeze asked whether Emeka laid hands on his ex-wife, Adeyemo narrated an incident that happened during their visit to Osogbo.

He said, “Mama did first twice. We were in Surulere, we wanted to go to Osogbo to go and meet Laide, because Laide was filming Jejere at that time.”

Adeyemo delved into a particular incident that escalated tension, involving Ike’s daughter.

He recounted, “What caused the problem that day was the daughter, and that girl was like a year old at that time. They called us that Mama was supposed to go take the brother at the school, they now called that the brother was at the school, which is Jesse, the third born.

“When we got there, they said that ‘oh, they have gone home’. When we got to the house, we saw the girl at the walkway of the side and there was nobody with the girl. So he picked the girl; she already messed her body. I was there; he was really angry and called Michael.

“Micheal was in the sitting room, so Micheal and Ken came outside, and said they didn’t know anything. Mama was in the kitchen; she came, and both of them were having an argument. I was coming downstairs, and that was when Mama hit Emeka.”

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