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17 Valentine’s Day Candles to Help You Scent the Mood (No Matter What You Have Planned)

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So you’ve got the outfit, prepped for perfectly kissable lips (crucial no matter the day, partnered or otherwise), and have cocooned yourself in the most delectable body oil. With every surface area covered and carefully considered, the next on your to-care-for list is creating an ambiance for your physical space. Whether you’re taking the day to indulge in self-care or planning a romantic date night, the only thing missing for your V-day festivities is a Valentine’s Day candle. After all, what could be more romantic than a candlelit dinner (or bath, or bedroom) for yourself, or two?

To light or not light, that is the question—because these Valentine’s Day candles are almost too beautiful to use. (Our two cents: do light the candle. It’s always worth the slow burn.) Scroll to *scent* the mood this holiday, whatever that mood may be.

Our top 5 best Valentine’s Day candles, at a glance:

  1. Snif, “Big Flirt”$34
  2. L’Objet, “No. 69 Oh Mon Dieu” $125
  3. Byredo, “Choco Mascarpone”, $94
  4. LAFCO x Sir Candle Man, “Heart of the Matter”, $50
  5. Being Frenshe, “Cashmere Vanilla”, $11

What to look for in a Valentine’s Day candle

Scent is wholly personal, so truly, it’s up to you (and your partner, if you have another party to consider) when choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day candle. If you’re not sure where to start, fragrance curator and go-to candle connoisseur, Kudzi Chikumbu—otherwise known as Sir Candle Man—has a few tips.

“Valentine’s Day is not complete without notes that bring butterflies, passion, and comfort,” he suggests. “Those would be musky floral, a deep smoky, a boozy amber, and a quality vanilla respectively.” Florals are fun and flirty, but if they aren’t your cup of tea, try a juicy, fruity scent profile; passionfruit, pear, or deep berries can all conjure up that flirtatious energy. Smoky is sexy, and amber is always a hit, he adds, “but if you don’t like smoky, you can stick to a liquor-y or candied amber. They evoke passion, deep kisses, and connection.”

Vanilla, however, remains a classic—for Valentine’s Day, date night, and beyond. “Natural vanilla is delicious because it has a woody, molasses, almost airy, amber quality. I think of vanilla as ‘the natural scent of love.’”

How to set the mood this Valentine’s Day

Just as there are dinner date dos and don’ts, good candle etiquette exists. According to Chikumbu, there are two things to keep in mind this Valentine’s Day:

  1. The basics of candle burning (yes, there is a right way to burn your candle!)
  2. Making safety a priority

“For a great, romantic-scented space, make sure you trim your candle wick, let the candle burn until it has a full melt pool, and give the scent time to envelope the space,” he advises. “Two—and this is where I get scared—don’t get carried away with the romance and forget that you have an open flame burning in your home. When the dinner is done and the cuteness is over, make sure to blow out your candle to ensure that your home is safe.” Besides that, light up and let the hypothetical sparks fly.

The best Valentine’s Day candles for every occasion

Snif big flirt, one of the best valentine's day candles

Snif, “Big Flirt” — $34.00

Key notes: Wild strawberry, champagne, chocolate ganache, jasmine sambac, vanilla milk, patchouli gayo

Scent type: Fruity gourmand

“Big Flirt” is the dream date night: sweet, ambrosial, and full of harmless flirtation (we adore a clean burn). Infused with all the makings of dessert and the start of what’s bound to be an even more delicious evening ahead, this is the quintessential scent for Valentine’s Day—especially if you’re celebrating with a new flame. Think milk chocolate-covered strawberries—juicy and wild, but enveloped in a creamy ganache—served with a chilled coupe of bubbly champagne. Add in a touch of vanilla for good aphrodisiac measure.

  • 100% pure cotton fiber wick
  • Soy & vegetable wax
  • Chic, red fluted jar is reusable
  • Limited edition—so if you love it, run (don’t walk) before it sells out
lobjet no. 69, one of the best valentine's day candles

L’Objet, “No. 69 Oh Mon Dieu” — $125.00

Key notes: Cognac, caramel, coriander, pimento, rose, jasmine, plum, blackcurrant, leather, incense, oakmoss

Scent type: Amber floral

You could be coy, but if there’s a time to be explicit with what you want, it’s Valentine’s Day. If the graphic “69” printed on the porcelain vessel wasn’t enough to set the mood, the scent will: it’s pure seduction. “Oh Mon Dieu” is inspired by Paris in the 1960s, an olfactive depiction of the raw sensuality and unabashed sensibilities that paved the way for one of the most incredible decades in artistic history. It’s bold, bohemian, and very much the Moulin Rouge bottled in wax form: red lipstick, luxe leather, boozy conversations, and decadent florals.

  • 100% natural oils & essences
  • Beautiful, lingering throw
  • Porcelain vessel & brass lid can be repurposed—it’s too beautiful not to keep!
Byredo choco marscapone, one of the best valentine's day candles

Byredo, “Choco Marscapone” — $94.00

Key notes: Roasted coffee, Ethiopia absolute, jasmine, India absolute, bitter chocolate, patchouli, Indonesia essential oil, brown sugar

Scent type: Warm, spicy gourmand

If you adore gourmand but prefer a moodier, more sophisticated take, Byredo’s “Choco Mascarpone” is a confectionary masterpiece. Leave it on any countertop and you’ll find yourself drawn to the whiffs of coffee and bitter cacao—but the moment you light it is when the magic happens. The warmth gives the patchouli and caramel incredible body, igniting them into the mood of a post-dinner nightcap. It’s the deliciousness of after-hours, captured in candle form.

  • Minimalist packaging
  • Sophisticated twist on a confectionary candle
lafco x sir candle man heart of the matter, one of the best valentine's day candles

LAFCO x Sir Candle Man, “Heart of the Matter” — $50.00

Key notes: Plum, pepper, cumin, labdanum, amber, Tahitian vanilla, patchouli, moss, guaiac wood

Scent type: Woody, spiced amber

If you crave a vanilla that feels less literal and more nuanced, “Heart of the Matter” boasts the depth you’re looking for (with a rather apt name for the occasion). It’s the ideal, “deep but also airy vanilla that creates the most cozy Valentine’s Day experience,” Chikumbu suggests, who created this candle in collaboration with the New York-based fragrance house specifically to fill that void in the vanilla space. That Tahitian vanilla note, “mixed with airy ambers, cardamom, and guaiac wood makes for the most inviting home. Perfect for the lover cooking dinner for their boo.”

  • 100% cotton wick
  • Essential oil-based fragrance
  • Independently-owned brand
being frenshe cashmere vanilla reset, one of the best valentine's day candles

Being Frenshe, “Cashmere Vanilla” — $11.00

Key notes: Vanilla, toasted jasmine rice, amber musk

Scent type: Warm amber

Speaking of setting the mood: do indulge in all the cozy comfort and warm gourmands. “Cashmere Vanilla” is every bit as nourishing for your soul as it sounds, and know that the sensation isn’t all in your head. It’s in your nose, in fact, backed by the brand’s mood-boosting technology that’s proven to enhance how you feel through olfaction perfection. Burn to feel like you’re cocooned with love that makes you feel safe—and do it with peace of mind. Being Frenshe candles are designed (and priced!) to be an everyday indulgence you can feel good about.

  • Affordable price
  • Essential oil-based and up-cycled vanilla fragrance
  • Eco-conscious, recyclable packaging
threshold wild berries, one of the best valentine's day candles

Threshold, “Wild Berries & Verbena” — $10.00

Key notes: Wild berries, verbena

Scent type: Bright and fruity

You simply cannot go wrong with a bright verbena candle. And though this particular candle pales in comparison to the fine-fragrance-forward formulas of the other candles on our list, sometimes you’re just in the market for something as adorable as it is affordable—especially for a one-day-only occasion. There’s a good reason why these Threshold candles made their rounds on TikTok: the heart-shaped vessel is too sweet to pass up this Valentine’s Day. (And the jar can be reused for sweets, jewelry, matchbooks, and more well beyond the holiday!)

  • 2 wicks encourage an even burn
  • Reusable heart-shaped ceramic jar
  • Affordable price
  • Limited edition
  • Only available at Target
ohupretty things brooklyn baby, one of the best valentine's day candles

Non-Gender Specific x OhUPrettyThings, “Brooklyn Baby” — $48.00

Key notes: Sicilian lemon, blackcurrant, pear, rose petal absolute, lotus blossom, peony, leather, cashmere wood, musk

Scent type: Spiced fruity-floral

“Brooklyn Baby” is for the Lana del Reys, Sofia Coppolas, and Carrie Bradshaws who are protagonists in their own lives: hopeless romantics who aren’t afraid of grit and grime and, though they’ve gone through a few heartbreaks, never shy away from the possibilities of what could be. This minimalist candle is the personification of dating through rose-tinted (albeit realistic, fingerprint-smudged) glasses. There’s a touch of fruit for bright and unrelenting optimism; classic florals to tap into that innermost femme fatale; and all that leather, wood, and musk at the base that’s reminiscent of date nights in the city.

  • Giftable minimalist packaging (especially if you include the match set!)
  • Hand-poured in New York City
  • Independently-owned brand
sidia braless, one of the best valentine's day candles

Sidia, Braless Candle — $65.00

Key notes: Soft spices, bamboo, clove, coconut cream, cedar, thyme blossom

Scent type: Spicy wood

If letting go and letting be could be captured in scent, “Braless” is its most luxe, sensorial form. Spiced touches plus comforting notes of amber, aromatic woods, cashmere musk, and leather inspire liberation in surrendering. There’s an intimacy in the blend that sets the tone rather beautifully (and is bound to become a staple in your ritual well after Valentine’s Day.) Do as the brand says: Light it up. Take it off.

  • Soy & coconut wax blend with 100% cotton wick
  • Gorgeous frosted ombré glass vessel
  • Independently-owned brand
juliette has a gun not a candle, one of the best candles for valentine's day

Juliette Has a Gun, “Not a Candle” — $58.00

Key notes: Cétalox

Scent type: Clean musk

It’s easy to go bold when it comes to Valentine’s Day by way of gourmand, floral, or woody ambers—but there’s beauty in embracing softness, too. If you love perfumes that wear like second skin, or gravitate toward fresh, clean scents, “Not A Candle” burns exactly the way it purports to. There’s a delicate warmth that’s barely discernible in that your space will simply smell like an extension of you (or someone you love). It has Sir Candle Man’s stamp of approval, too: “[‘Not A Candle’] is like waking up in fresh sheets with the sweet scent of your boo’s skin. A magical scent that I cannot get enough of.”

  • Soft, burn-wherever & burn-whenever scent
  • Bold, graphic vessel
  • Moderately pricey
  • Hard to find—so snatch it up when you can
Hazeltine weekend lover, one of the best valentine's day candles

Hazeltine, “Weekend Lover” — $42.00

Key notes: Pink peppercorn, lavender, rain, patchouli, agarwood, amber

Scent type: Aromatic wood

We’re the first to admit that the name was what caught our eye, but it was the slow, fragrant burn that won our hearts. Hazeltine is a small, New Orleans-based candle company that’s particularly brilliant at capturing the tenderness of memories through scent, and “Weekend Lover” is no exception. It’s nostalgic, warm, and crisp all at once—inspired by Prince himself and the unmistakable sensuality behind his music (hence the heart of lavender and rain notes). It’s soothing. Sweet. Bright at first, but gradually grounding in all its velvety patchouli and amber glory.

  • Hand-crafted in New Orleans
  • Independently-owned brand
  • Hard to find—so snatch it up when you can
Le Labo x Sant Ambroeus santal 26, one of the best valentine's day candles

Le Labo x Sant Ambroeus, “Santal 26” — $94.00

Key notes: Amber, cocoa, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk, sandalwood

Scent type: Spicy, leathery wood & musk

Say what you will about Le Labo Santal 33 (the fragrance; Santal 26 is its home fragrance rendition), but there’s no denying the genius behind the scent. It’s a signature scent of many an icon—people and places both—including one of New York City’s most beloved restaurants, Sant Ambroeus. True, you can pick up the standard version of the candle at any time, but for the first time since 2018, this limited-edition glass vessel in the New York staple’s signature coral pink is back. It’s Santal 26 like you’ve never seen it: all dressed up and ready for a Valentine’s Day in.

  • Hand-poured in the U.S.
  • Unique pink glass vessel—an unexpected & collectible find in the Le Labo line-up!
  • Incredible, lasting throw
salt & stone saffron and cedar, one of the best valentine's day candles

Salt & Stone, “Saffron & Cedar” — $49.00

Key notes: Saffron, heliotrope flower, oakmoss, neroli, surf wax, sugar cane, cedarwood

Scent type: Smooth, spiced wood

This scent style is similar to Santal 26 in that it boasts this incredible, atmospheric burn. If you veer towards more unisex scents but crave a little more sweetness (and dare we say softness, by way of the heliotrope, neroli, and sugar cane notes here) then Le Labo’s most-renowned fragrance, “Saffron & Cedar” will satiate that very need. By no means is this a dupe for Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s extremely luxe “Baccarat Rouge 540”—though if that perfume is your signature scent, this Salt & Stone candle is an ideal extension of scenting your space with more of what you love.

  • Coconut & soy-based wax
  • Readily available at major stockists
  • Not the most even burn (some tunneling expected, but nothing good candle care—see below!—or a candle warmer can’t fix)
corpus dark flowers, one of the best valentine's day candles

Corpus, “Dark Flowers” — $76.00

Key notes: Tuberose, jasmine, Polynesian tiaré, amber

Scent type: Warm, solar floral

Not all florals are created equal. There are classic profiles, fresh takes, and then there’s Corpus “Dark Flowers”, which is every bit as sensual as you’d imagine from the name alone. Heady tuberose and indolic jasmine only embolden the Polynesian tiaré flower at the heart—a combination that intensifies tiaré’s naturally creamy yet fruity, intoxicating fragrance. And when grounded with a rich, resinous amber, the effect is anything but your traditional white floral. Instead, it’s a little tropical, wholly bold, and completely entrancing.

  • Renewable soy wax and 100% cotton wick
  • Essential oil & natural botanical extract-based fragrance
  • Minimalist packaging
home court steeped rose candle, one of the best valentine's day candles

Homecourt, “Steeped Rose” — $65.00

Key notes: Upcycled rosewater, Egyptian geranium oil, Comorian ylang-ylang oil, guaiac wood, vanilla

Scent type: Classic floral

Now if submerging yourself in a photorealistic bouquet is more your floral speed, there is no rosier (nor a more timeless floral) candle than Homecourt’s “Steeped Rose.” The name couldn’t be more apt either: it smells of pure rose in its entirety—bud to bloom; petals, leaves, stem, thorns, and all—and extracted to rosewater perfection. It’s light, tender, and utterly sophisticated; a gorgeous backdrop to complement all the flowers you’re bound to receive on Valentine’s Day.

  • Soy wax blend with 100% organic cotton wick
  • Featured eco-friendly & ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Kiln-baked natural clay vessel can be repurposed—reuse as a bud vase, mug, or décor piece
parfums de marly delina, one of the best valentine's day candles

Parfums de Marly, “Delina” — $95.00

Key notes: Rhubarb, lychee, bergamot essence, Damascena rose, peony, vanilla, cashmere, vetiver

Scent type: Powdery, fruity floral & wood

If either Parfums de Marly’s “Delina” or “Delina Exclusif” is your signature perfume, there’s no question that Delina should be the only candle you burn for Valentine’s Day. After all, there’s no competition in creating ambiance with the very scent your partner associates with you. Even if “Delina” isn’t on rotation in your fragrance wardrobe, the unabashed femininity—sweet, complex, transformative from fruity start to floral heart to soft, powdery perfection—feels just right for the occasion. There’s brightness, a milky rose, and cashmere-cloaked closeness that envelops and inspires. It’s as stunning as the perfume itself.

  • Incredible, lasting throw
  • Fan-favorite from a heritage French fine fragrance house

Valentine’s Day candle sets to gift (or keep)

henry rose votive set, one of the best valentine's day candles

Henry Rose, Votive Candle Gift Set — $90.00

Key notes: Marine, neroli, peony, ambroxan, musk (Jake’s House); violet leaf, petitgrain, jasmine, vanilla, coco musk, sandalwood (Queens & Monsters); freesia, rose, violet, patchouli, vanilla bean, praline (Torn)

If you’re committed to clean candles (no matter how dirty the plans), this votive trio is simply one you can’t go wrong with. Henry Rose is a fragrance house founded by Michelle Pfeiffer beloved on the principle of making radically transparent personal and home scents—and within this set are three of the brand’s best-selling scents: “Jake’s House” (a marine-fresh musk), “Queens & Monsters” (sensual amber-gourmand), and “Torn” (spiced, rich vanilla and vetiver).

  • Clean burn (coconut, soy & vegetable wax blend with a pure cotton wick)
  • Manufactured in small batches and hand-poured in California
  • Great discovery trio in beautiful packaging

Life In Lilac, Valentine’s Day Trio — $43.00

Key notes: Vanilla bean and whipped cream (Cocoa Bliss), champagne, lychee, and violet (Bouquet of Bubbles), cashmere and sueded amber (Date Night)

Another trio that would make a fantastic gift for your Valentine or otherwise is this gift set from Life in Lilac. Each 4-ounce votive is filled with a romantic scent. There’s “Cocoa Bliss”, which is as sweet as its name suggests, “Boquet of Bubbles”, which smells like a bubbly celebration, and “Date Night”, a sophisticated blend of cashmere and amber that’s the perfect end note on your holiday evening.

  • Made with natural wax and fragrance oils
  • Great discovery trio in beautiful packaging
  • Affordable
  • Only ships to contiguous United States, not Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada

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