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2024, I Foresee That The First 150days From The beginning Of The Year Will Not Be Palatable–According to Primate Ayodele


As we approach 2024 and the deluge of New Year’s predictions, Primate Ayodele emerges as a ray of prophetic accuracy—more than half of his forecasts materialize in the first month of the year. His extraordinary insight is documented by Independent Nigeria, including a prophecy about a devastating explosion in Ibadan that took lives and seriously damaged property.

The comprehensive forecast also highlighted Oyo State’s vulnerability to security challenges, tragically validated by the Ibadan incident. Beyond regional borders, Primate Ayodele’s warnings extended to a nationwide turbulent beginning, foreseeing violence, bombings, and sorrow within the first 150 days of the year, emphasizing the need for fervent supplication for divine intervention. In a time of uncertainty, his prescient words not only serve as warnings but also as calls to vigilance and prayer, resonating with a populace seeking clarity amid tumultuous times.

Primate Ayodele’s prophecy for 2024, predicting a challenging start with killings, bombings, explosions, demolitions, accidents, and fire outbreaks in the first 150 days, underscores the enduring relevance of genuine prophetic voices. The article portrays his insights as more than mere auguries, offering solace and guidance to a society navigating through uncertainties. The prophecy becomes a call for collective prayer and divine mercy, capturing the attention and respect of those seeking understanding and reassurance in the face of challenging circumstances. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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