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5 Proven Signs Your Partner Is Taking You For A Fool

1. They Keep Secrets. If your partner often hides things from you or gets defensive when you ask questions, it could be a sign they’re not being honest. It’s important for partners to be open with each other, so if they’re secretive, it might mean they’re not respecting your trust.

2. They Try to Control You.

Does your partner always try to make decisions for you or guilt you into doing what they want? That’s not okay. A good partner respects your choices and doesn’t try to control you.

3. They Don’t Care About Your Feelings.

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In a healthy relationship, both partners should care about each other’s feelings. If your partner doesn’t listen when you’re upset or makes you feel bad for how you feel, it’s a sign they might not be treating you with the kindness you deserve.

4. They Use Your Money.

Partners should share responsibilities fairly, including money matters. But if your partner always asks for money and doesn’t pay you back or spends your money without asking, they might not be respecting your hard-earned cash.

5. They Break Promises.

Trust is super important in a relationship. If your partner keeps breaking promises or lying to you, it’s a big red flag. A good partner keeps their word and doesn’t make you doubt whether you can trust them.….CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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