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5 Reasons Why Kerosene Is Used As Fuel In Aircraft Instead Of Gasoline (Photos)

Aircraft is one of the marvels of engineering, and are known to burn fuel to generate the power needed to fly, but it is surprising to learn that with their complicated body parts, they only use kerosene to fly instead of gasoline...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Since aircraft move at high speed and fly at high altitude where the temperature is very low, it requires a fuel which will not thicken up and clog the engine for getting cold, and this is why the aviation engineers choose Kerosene due to the properties it possesses.

In this article, I want to share with you about the reason why Kerosene is used as fuel in aircraft instead of Gasoline.

1. It has Low Freezing point.

The low freezing point of kerosene is one of the primary reasons why jets rely on it. The freezing point of aviation kerosene is -47 °C.

Planes fly at high altitudes, which means they spend a significant amount of time in the air in sub-zero temperatures, and for this reason, planes must use fuel with a low freezing point, such as kerosene, in order for the fuel to function properly without solidifying during flight.

2. It is highly flammable.

Kerosene is more flammable than diesel, giving it the explosive burning qualities required for take-off. Since it lack flammability, it will not produce the needed initial power to lift the plane off the ground, and this rule it out as a viable option.

Gasoline is also highly flammable, but its energy payback is poor and its fuel consumption is so fast, making it even more inefficient. This means that a plane would have to carry more fuel for the same distance.

3. It has low Viscosity.

When used in flight, aviation kerosene is less viscous than gasoline, making it the preferred fuel for jet aircraft. High viscosity liquids are thick, sticky, and gluey – not an ideal property for jet fuel!

Because of its low freezing point, kerosene maintains a low viscosity during flight. This means it will keep the plane running normally and will not clog the engine.

4. It is affordable.

Kerosene is significantly less expensive than gasoline, making it a more cost-effective option for airlines. Flights are an expensive operation, so it is important for airlines to use a less expensive source of fuel.

5. It is safe.

All airlines prioritize safety, and aviation kerosene is a good and safe source of fuel. This is because it has a higher flash point than gasoline, and is less likely to cause an unplanned combustion.

The aviation kerosene also contains additives that improve its safety and lower the risk of unplanned hazards. Anti-corrosive agents, anti-static chemicals, and de-icing agents are examples of these additives.

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