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A Month Before A Fibroid Attack, You Will Notice These 5 Signs In Your Body


Understanding your body’s signals is crucial for maintaining good health. Here are five signs to watch for about a month before a potential fibroid attack:

1. Menstrual Changes.

Noticeable changes in your menstrual cycle, such as heavier bleeding, longer periods, or irregularity, can be an early indicator of fibroids. Keep a menstrual diary to track these changes.

2. Pelvic Pain and Pressure.

Many women with fibroids experience pelvic pain or pressure. You might feel a dull ache or heaviness in your lower abdomen, backaches, or discomfort during intercourse.

3. Frequent Urination.

Fibroids can press against the bladder, causing a frequent urge to urinate. You may also experience difficulty emptying your bladder completely.

4. Abdominal Swelling.

As fibroids grow, your abdomen may appear swollen or distended. It can be mistaken for weight gain, but it’s a sign to pay attention to.

5. Constipation and Bloating.

Large fibroids can put pressure on the rectum, leading to constipation and abdominal bloating. If you notice persistent digestive issues, consult a healthcare professional…

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