After Papu Gomez’s 2-Year Ban, FIFA Told to Strip Off World Cup From Lionel Messi’s Argentina

Yesterday, the soccer universe witnessed shocking news. In a stunning twist, Argentina’s Papu Gomez received a two-year ban due to a positive doping test. This abrupt halt to Gomez’s playing career has sent shockwaves through the sport. But the repercussions didn’t stop there, as a bombshell claim emerged, suggesting that FIFA has been urged to strip the World Cup from Lionel Messi and Argentina.

In Gomez’s case, many are claiming the possibility of a transfer from Sevilla to the Italian side Monza was significantly influenced by the doping controversy.
Argentina’s World Cup title under Lionel Messi is urged to be revoked!

The majority of the soccer world cheered for Argentina’s 2022 FIFA World Cup win against France. Lionel Messi and his teammates were able to bring the prestigious trophy to their homeland after a 36-year exile. However, in a shocking turn of events, La Albiceleste’s World Cup win has been urged to be revoked by FIFA.

This comes from the mouth of a well-known Spanish journalist, Thomas Roncero, who insists Argentina’s World Cup win should be voided following Papu Gomez’s ban due to doping allegations. In a TV show, Roncero said, “FIFA should withdraw the World Cup from Argentina.” Indeed, this is a huge claim from the renowned journalist.

Certainly, Lionel Messi and Co. won’t be happy to hear such claims. As of now, FIFA hasn’t directed a comment towards the Argentinian national team. So far, they have just banned Papu Gomez from all soccer-related activities for the next two years. Speaking of which, let’s dive deeper to know more about the sudden emergence of the Papu Gomez doping saga.
Everything to know about Papu Gomez’s doping case

The incident took place in November of the previous year, while Papu Gomez was still representing Sevilla. During a routine training session, medical professionals made a surprise appearance to carry out an unscheduled anti-doping test, which ultimately revealed Gomez’s positive result. Despite this setback, Gomez went on to play in the World Cup with Argentina and secured a new club after parting ways with Sevilla.

Nonetheless, the Argentine veteran maintains that he is a victim of a misunderstanding, explaining that he had a challenging night. Hence, without consulting the club’s medical team, he ingested a syrup prescribed for his son. Whether Gomez will contest this decision and seek a potential reduction in his suspension remains uncertain…...CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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