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Arise TV anchor Rufai Oseni and APC chieftain, Jesutega Onokpasa, clash on live TV (video)

Arise TV anchor Rufai Oseni and APC chieftain, Jesutega Onokpasa, clashed on live TV today October 30. It all started when Rufai said the Nigerian economy began to dwindle after President Tinubu came into office.

While posing a question to Onokpasa, Rufai said

‘’Patrotism means supporting your country at all times but also supporting the government when they deserve it. Mr Onokpasa I put it to you that you came here to misrepresent the facts as it regards subsidy removal.

President Tinubu announced Subsidy on inauguration and that was effectively pulling out subsidy. So you saying he didn’t remove subsidy, quoting the PIA law that has been there for a while is misrepresentation of the facts.”

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Rufai was about to ask a question when Mr Onokpasa tried to interject but was immediately stopped by Rufai who said ‘’Let me Finish Mr Onokpasa. Let me finish please’.

It was at this point Onokpasa accused Rufai of raising his voice at him and threatened to walk out of the studio. Speaking further, Rufai said

‘’Since President Tinubu came in, the economy has tanked. It is at an all time low as we speak”

It was at this point Onokpasa interjected again and said ‘’

‘’It has not tanked. That is a lie. You are a liar. You are practising sensationalism. You are pretending to be a journalist. What is the matter with you. Don’t talk rudely to me please. I am your guest. You will respect me. What is the matter with you”

Rufai went on to mention that the Naira has continued to fall since President Tinubu took over from office and Onokpasa responded

‘’Is that Bola Tinubu’s fault? Don’t you know why Naira tanked? Naira tanked because of your friends. I can’t believe this boy”

Rufai continued to ask his question despite Onokpasa’s outburst. After listening to Rufai and allowing him finish his question, Onokpasa said

‘’Thank you very much for that question Rufai Oseni. Please Dr Reuben Abati and my adorable inlaw, Mario-Ese, does anybody have a more reasonable question for me to answer because I am not dignifying that insulting question from Rufai with a response’. What is wrong with this badly brought-up little boy”

Rufai then accused Onokpasa of trying to evade the question.

Watch a clip from the clash below....CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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