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Azerbaijani Army Deploys Advanced ROKETSAN TRLG-230 Missile System on KAMAZ Trucks

Recent social media footage has surfaced showing the launch of a salvo fire rocket system mounted on Azerbaijani KAMAZ trucks. The weaponry seen in the video appears to be the ROKETSAN-produced TRLG-230 Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MLRS), although it’s worth noting that the TRLG-230 system is not part of Turkey’s arsenal, and the exact model is still unconfirmed....CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

These KAMAZ-mounted systems underwent testing in August 2020 and are equipped with laser-guided missiles. Speculation has arisen that these tests were conducted with Azerbaijan in mind.

Additionally, Azerbaijani Army has other Turkish MLRS systems, including T-122 Sakarya, TRG-300 Kasirga, and the guided missile version RG-300, all mounted on KAMAZ trucks.

The use of KAMAZ trucks as transport vehicles in the ROKETSAN tests aligns with their role as carrier vehicles in the Azerbaijani military.

Azerbaijani Army ROKETSAN TRLG-230 Missile System

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The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense shared footage showcasing the firing of the next-generation ROKETSAN TRLG-230 missile system. The precision strikes on enemy military equipment and forces during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, underscoring the system’s combat effectiveness. In January 2021, images of the next-generation TRLG-230 rocket system, developed by ROKETSAN, were delivered to Azerbaijan during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, ultimately leading to a decisive victory.

The 230mm laser-guided missile system (TRLG-230) is capable of targeting and engaging objects designated by laser markers, including those provided by Bayraktar TB2 UAVs. The potential synergy of the TRLG-230 system and the Bayraktar TB2 drones in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict significantly enhanced the Azerbaijani soldiers’ combat capabilities.

Azerbaijani Army ROKETSAN TRLG-230 Missile System

TRG-230 is a family of guided missiles of 230-mm diameter designed and manufactured by Turkish company Roketsan. The original variants are surface-to-surface missiles, and an air-to-surface variant is being tested. TRG-230 missiles have a range of 20 km to 70 km and are launched from 230-mm rocket tubes. The TRLG-230 variant has laser guidance.

The air-launched TRG-230-?HA has a range up to 150 km. The TRG-230 missile is designed to be used against high-priority targets within a range of 20–70 km. It can be launched from the Roketsan Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher and other platforms with compatible interfaces.

The TRLG-230 has an additional seeker for laser guidance. It can hit targets marked by UAVs and UCAVs. Its CEP is down to less than two meters.

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