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Barber calculates math on customer’s head, covers bald area with artificial hair

A man who had no hair in some parts of his head went to the salon, and the hairstylist helped him cover the bald spots

The hairstylist made use of artificial hair to cover the spots where his customer lacked hair, and the result impressed a lot of netizens

Many reactions trailed the video as some people said the man cannot go out in the rain with the hair because it could pull off

A man who is bald in some parts of his head went to the salon to get a haircut, and the salonist did a good job.

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The barber uses mathematical calculations to do his job, and he applied the same principles to the customer’s head.
Bald man gets hair makeover.

The hairstylist used artificial hair to cover the bald spots.

In the video posted by Geometric Barber, the man sat silently and allowed the barber to do his job.

The barber first calculated the areas that he would cover with artificial hair. Once he was done calculating, he applied an adhesive.

He then placed the artificial hair on the bald spots and went on to trim it with a clipper.

In the end, the haircut looked very neat and attractive. However, some TikTok users said the man may not be able to go out in the rain or swim with the hair since it could pull off.

Watch the video below:
TikTok users react to video of a bald man getting a haircut

@watto said:

“A true artist. Although, the customer doesn’t show a smile of appreciation.”

@lordmasali said:

“Let’s go swimming.”

@Winnie commented:

“This is the same barber who was not barbering on the girl with dreadlocks.”

@Anna Nduna said:

“We are in trouble now. The tables have turned.”

@Sasha Baby commented:

“Was the Pythagoras theorem really necessary?”

@Jaymo said:

“How long does it remain in the head before coming out?”

@Janie Hatcher said:

“This is Impressive!”…..CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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