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Before getting married, talk about these five things with your partner

It is crucial that you are ready for marriage before you tie the knot. When you start a marriage without enough planning, you leave it sooner than you anticipate. It is not enough to tie the knot just because you are in love with someone. There are a few things you should discuss with your partner before saying “I do.”

1. MONEY: Never underestimate how important money is to a marriage. I have witnessed a number of marriages fail because of financial issues. You should discuss each other’s financial situation before getting married. It is important for you both to know whether you can both provide for a family, how expenses should be handled, and whether any of you are in debt.

2. RELATING TO PARENTHOOD: It’s important for you to realize that not everyone marries with the goal of having children. It is important to discuss having children with your spouse to find out whether they share your desire. Failure to address this could come back to hunt you in the future.

3. LOCATIONS FOR LIVING: You should discuss where to reside after marriage with your potential spouse. While some people might desire to live far away from their family, others could prefer to remain near them. This conversation is essential if, prior to marriage, you were both living in different cities.

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4. YOUR AIM AND PRINCIPLES: It is not appropriate to consent to marriage without first discussing each other’s aspirations and morals. You should reassess the connection if your objectives and ideals are at odds with one another.

5. YOUR HISTORY: You might believe that this is unimportant until your marriage is destroyed by anything from your history. It is imperative that you handle any outstanding difficulties from your past that may come up again in the future. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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