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BREAKING NEWS: African Countries with the Weakest Currencies in 2024

In the diverse economic landscape of African countries, currency strength plays a crucial role in determining the purchasing power and economic stability of a nation. As we delve into the financial panorama of Africa in 2024, it becomes essential to highlight the African countries with the weakest currencies.

This article, based on Hanke’s Currency Watchlist, provides an insightful overview of the top 7 African nations whose currencies have significantly depreciated, reflecting the economic challenges these countries face.
Zimbabwean Dollar

Topping the list of African countries with the weakest currencies, Zimbabwe’s financial woes are epitomized by the dire state of the Zimbabwean dollar. Experiencing a staggering 76.74% loss in value against the USD since January 2022 and a near-total depreciation of 97.33% since January 2020, Zimbabwe’s currency crisis is a clear indicator of hyperinflation and economic instability that plagues the nation.
Sudanese Pound

The Sudanese pound, grappling with the economic repercussions of political turmoil, ranks as the second weakest currency in Africa. The currency has seen an 84.95% depreciation against the USD since January 2020, illustrating the profound impact of Sudan’s political crises on its economic health.
South Sudanese Pound

The South Sudanese pound, another currency facing significant depreciation, reflects the ongoing economic challenges in South Sudan. With a 50.79% depreciation against the USD since January 2020 and a further 28% since early 2022, it underscores the nation’s struggle for economic stability amidst ongoing conflicts.
Nigerian Naira

Nigeria’s economy, one of the largest in Africa, is not immune to currency challenges. The Nigerian Naira has depreciated by 48.87% against the USD since January 2020, with predictions of further devaluation post-elections in February 2024, highlighting the ongoing economic pressures.
Ghana Cedi

The Ghanaian Cedi finds itself among the weakest currencies in African countries due to a 42.57% depreciation against the USD since January 2020. This decline mirrors the rising cost of living and economic hardships faced by Ghanaians.
Malawian Kwacha

Malawi’s currency, the Kwacha, has seen a 39.54% depreciation against the USD since January 2020. The significant devaluation in May 2022 by 25% and the rising energy costs depict a struggling economy trying to stabilize.
Sierra Leonean Leone

The Sierra Leonean Leone rounds up the list with a 31.23% depreciation against the USD since January 2020. With an increase in public debt to 79% of GDP in 2021, Sierra Leone faces significant economic challenges that reflect on its currency’s value…..CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>> 

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