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BREAKING NEWS: Crossdresser blasts man who confronted him

Drama ensues in a trending video as a man confronts a crossdresser he spotted in the market...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

The crossdresser was seen wearing a pink gown at the busy location when he was confronted by a man who disapproved of his dress.
crossdresser man confronts

He was heard telling the crossdresser to look at the foolish thing he is doing to himself, while simultaneously blocking the way so he doesn’t get away.

The crossdresser retorted that he is a celebrity making his money and angrily asked the man whether he has been able to make any money of his own.

Some netizens found the video upsetting as they opine that people should learn to mind their business.

Read the comments that followed:

ah.neey_ said: “Can’t people just mind their business? Is he stealing or kïlling anyone?”

amrahhadid said: “This is absolutely the best treatment for all this cross dressers and g@y people, they should be publicly humili@tèd, Mayb they would behave.”

thriftwithsm said: “not saying it’s right or wrong but how does this directly affect that man shouting ?”

egob_ekee said: “But then this man should mind his business…why is he carrying stone😂”

janeluxuryshop wrote: “Dear God i will give birth to a male child.. A manly Boy. A man male A boy man…. Amen 🙌”

Watch the video below:

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