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BREAKING NEWS: Do You Know That Access Bank CEO Wigwe Built Private Tomb Before Helicopter Crash In USA

It is ten kilometres from the Port Harcourt International Airport to Wigwe International University in Isiokpo. From the airport junction deep into the hinterland, every turn wears a new look in anticipation of receiving an “august visitor”.

Preparations for the final burial of the billionaire business mogul, Dr Herbert Wigwe on hypersonic speed. Roads are being cleared and available potholes are fixed. Contractors handling the University project are on their toes. The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, and Isiokpo parish are wearing a befitting look.

Several hectares of land have either been donated by well-wishers or acquired by families as car parks to ease both human and vehicular traffic on the day of the burial.

In all, Isiokpo kingdom looks set to receive its illustrious son back home. Yes, he is coming home to rest for eternity on Saturday, March 9, 2024. But on his arrival at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, the late Wigwe will not adorn his usual trademark smiles. There will be no handshakes. No hugging. No form of pleasantries. He will be stiff and cold. Call it rigor mortis. He will be lying face up signifying the end of all mortals. That is because death, a necessary end comes when it will come.

Private Cemetery

As if he had a premonition of his tomorrow, Dr. Herbert Wigwe had already built a befitting private tomb for himself. Located within the massive expanse of the University environment, the mausoleum is a sight worthy of a billionaire.

A stamped concrete walkway sandwiched by a green lush leads to the ecstatic final resting place of the Wigwes. Saturday Vanguard scooped that three tombs have been constructed with state-of-the-art Italian Carara marble and finished up with a foreign granite galaxy.

“Do not grief, for the joy of the Lord is your strength”, is an inscription embossed on the top corner of the composing mausoleum. The sight of the transparent private cemetery is a clear testament to the fact that Dr. Herbert Wigwe was not just rich while alive, he appears even richer in death.

With thousands of foreign guests expected to pay their last respects to this rare gem, what will be the cynosure of all eyes is the expansive landmass of the Wigwe International University. The construction of the university has 60% of its local content in terms of labour deployed from Rivers State, 20% from Isiokpo and the remaining 20% from the rest of Nigeria. A touch of a detribalized man, one would say.

“He built this private cemetery before he started the university. His house here has been designed to have a special gate and walls separated from the university. I can tell you that he had a big vision. Very good vision and he was making efforts to ensure that those visions came to a reality. But what I cannot tell you right now is whether those visions will still be achieved”, a credible source decried.

Going spiritual, the source said, “it is only the owner of the vision that can implement his visions to the letter. I cannot say if those visions including the university will be accomplished in line with the dreams of the owner of the vision”.

Virtually all the buildings within the university environment are receiving an accelerated touch. Every completed building wears the same colour of pure white and some black corrugated roofs. The internal road construction is ongoing with the speed of light. Every staff knows his brief.…CONTINUE FULL READING>>

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