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BREAKING NEWS: I Don’t Know How To Take An Offering Because There Are People Who Are Always Criticizing

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Adeboye, has highlighted the significant spiritual consequences of God accepting one’s giving in a YouTube video. During a worship session, Pastor Adeboye spoke to the congregation and shared the relationship between prayers answered, offering, and divine acceptance.

According to him, “When the fire falls, it means your offering has been accepted. God accepting your offering means he has accepted you. When God accepts your offering, automatically it means your prayer has been answered. You know I’ve never really taught you about offering and the reason I don’t know how to take an offering because ehn…there are people who are always looking for something to criticise particularly when they see a ministry like this that the Almighty God is blessing.

That’s why I’ve not spent time talking about offering. But when God accepts your offering, it’s a great privilege. He doesn’t have to, God is not a beggar. Anything that he wants to do, he has more than enough to do it. So when you offer Him anything at all and he accepts it, it means he has accepted you.”

Drawing from biblical teachings and personal insights, Pastor Adeboye conveyed that when the fire of God falls upon an offering, it symbolizes God’s acceptance of the worshipper. He explained that God’s acceptance of an offering signifies His acceptance of the individual, indicating favor and divine intervention in their lives.

Despite refraining from extensively discussing offering in the past due to potential criticism, Pastor Adeboye highlighted the sacred privilege of God accepting an offering. He emphasized that God, being sovereign and abundant in resources, does not depend on offerings as a necessity. Therefore, when God accepts an offering, it reflects His grace and favor towards the worshipper. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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