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BREAKING NEWS: Man wears dog muzzle to bar to drink Beer in protest over new UK law that bans killer xl bully dogs

A man had to drink his beer through a straw while wearing a muzzle over his face as part of a one-man protest against new laws in the UK that bans XL Bully dogs...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

From New Year’s Eve, it is a legal requirement for the breed to be wearing muzzles and on a lead at all times when in public.

So, 51 year old Dad, Eamonn Mcgeady decided to protest.

He went to his local pub in Ellesport, Cheshire, with his daughter Elle, 19, and six-month-old dog Lexi wearing matching protective guards.

He refused to remove the muzzle as he sat at the bar at the Straw Hat and drank his beer through a straw to protest his disapproval of the new law.

The laws were introduced after a serious of fatal and serious attacks by XL Bully breeds across the UK in 2023.

But XL Bully owners including the Mcgeady family disapprove of the strict new rules .

Elle McGeady, 19, said her dad did the protest to make a point about new legislation on the breed.

‘I just don’t agree with the muzzle,’ said Elle, an apprentice engineer from Chester.

‘We’d be happy enough to walk her on a lead but we’re not happy with the muzzle – it’s just not nice to see.

‘She hides when going on a walk now because she knows she has to wear it. Other dogs want to bully her now that she’s on a lead with a muzzle on.

‘Before people would come up and give her a stroke and a pat but now we’re getting more evil looks off people instead.’

Elle said ‘everyone was laughing about it’ when they got to the pub and that she felt ‘proud and happy’ to see her dad wearing the muzzle.

‘Dad was drinking pints using a straw through the muzzle and getting on the floor with Lexi to play around with her,’ she said.

‘He wanted to show her there was a person wearing it and it wasn’t just for her.

‘The people we walked past were praising him for it, saying it showed he’s a good owner.’

As well as the new muzzle and lead laws, it is also now illegal to breed, sell, advertise, gift, exchange, abandon or let an XL Bully stray.

And, from February 1, they will be banned unless registered before the deadline.

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