BREAKING NEWS: Man who correctly predicted 7 Round of 16 Matches in AFCON, reveals country that will emerge winner

Facebook user, Amadu Raheem Komba Gbandeh who accurately predicted outcomes in seven rounds of 16 games in the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament has gone viral....CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

Initially doubted, he confidently shared his forecasts on Facebook, foreseeing victories and defeats, though some predictions didn’t align.
He further revealed the country to emerge eventual winner of the trophy.

A man identified as Amadu Raheem Komba Gbandeh has gained traction online after accurately predicting the outcomes of seven rounds of 16 games in the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament.

Initially met with scepticism, he took to Facebook to assert that his predictions had indeed materialized, despite doubts from others.

In his pre-match forecasts, Amadu confidently declared Guinea’s victory over Equatorial Guinea and predicted Senegal’s defeat on penalties to Ivory Coast, both of which unfolded as he foresaw.

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Additionally, he forecasted Mali’s triumph over Burkina Faso and DR Congo’s victory against Egypt, both of which also occurred according to his predictions.

Amadu’s foresight extended to Nigeria’s victory over Cameroon and the outcome of the Cape Verde versus Mauritania match, both aligning with his predictions.

However, his prediction of South Africa’s triumph over Morocco proved inaccurate, as South Africa secured a resounding victory with two goals to none.

Reflecting on his predictions, Amadu wrote:

“Just as I predicted, Cameron, Namibia, E. Guinea, and Egypt have all been knocked out. What makes it interesting was that Egypt got ousted on penalties just as I said a few days ago.”

Looking ahead, Amadu confidently predicted Guinea’s advancement to the finals and eventual triumph in the AFCON by defeating Cape Verde in extra time.

He remained confident that Nigeria would not reach the finals but would make it to the semi-finals before succumbing to Cape Verde.

Detailing the anticipated finale, Amadu foresaw Cape Verde initially dominating the match and potentially scoring the opening goal.

However, he predicted a resilient comeback from Guinea, resulting in an equalizer and eventual victory in extra time. He urged viewers to keep a close watch on Guinea Conakry’s performance as the tournament progressed..…CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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