BREAKING NEWS: No Matter What, Do Not Give These Details To POS Agents When Using Your Card To Withdraw

When using your card to withdraw cash from a Point of Sale (POS) machine, there are certain details you should never give to the POS agent. This is because fraudsters can use this information to steal your money and identity. Here are some of the details you should keep private when using a POS machine to withdraw cash:...CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

1. Your Card PIN.

Never give your card PIN to anyone, including POS agents. This is the key to your account, and it should always be kept secret. Memorize your PIN and avoid writing it down. If you suspect that your PIN has been compromised, change it immediately.

2. Your Card Number.

Never disclose your full card number to anyone. Fraudsters can use this information to make unauthorized purchases online or over the phone. When using a POS machine, you only need to provide the last four digits of your card number to authenticate the transaction.

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3. Your Card Expiry Date.

Do not disclose the expiry date of your card to the POS agent. This information can be used by fraudsters to make purchases before your card expires. Only enter the expiry date when prompted by the POS machine.

4. Your Personal Information.

Do not give out any personal information such as your full name, address, date of birth, or social security number to the POS agent. This information can be used by fraudsters to steal your identity and commit fraud.

5. One-Time Passwords (OTPs).

Some banks send OTPs to your phone when you make transactions. Do not disclose these OTPs to the POS agent. This information should only be entered on your phone or online banking platform..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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