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BREAKING NEWS: Oyinbo wise Up as men track yahoo boy in Nigeria after tricking him, shares how they did it

A group of Oyinbo men have tracked down an internet fraudster, commonly known as a “Yahoo boy,” in Nigeria who had scammed a US woman named Leah.

The dramatic unveiling of this elaborate scheme came to light through an eye-opening video on TikTok, where the Oyinbo men, in collaboration with Social Catfish, managed to outsmart the unsuspecting fraudster, ultimately revealing his location using his IP address.

The captivating video, which has garnered substantial attention on social media, tells the story of Leah, a US woman who had been through three failed marriages and thought she had finally found love in the most unexpected place.

Six months ago, she crossed paths with a man who went by the name Christopher Rodriguez on Facebook.

However, Christopher Rodriguez turned out to be a fictitious persona created by the Nigerian “Yahoo boy” who had stolen the identity of a real white man named Eric Powell.

Presenting himself as a day trader from Ohio, the fraudster successfully manipulated Leah, turning her into a “cash mule.”

Over time, he gained access to her bank credentials and, more tragically, her love and trust.

Unbeknownst to Leah, the person she believed to be her online love interest was merely an elaborate hoax.

Leah’s situation took a devastating turn when the fraudster’s true intentions were uncovered by the group of white men who had made it their mission to expose him.

In the TikTok video, one of the men explained that Leah had gone to extraordinary lengths for love, even preparing to relocate to Miami on November 10 to be with the person she believed was Christopher Rodriguez.

“On top of the fact that I gave up my job to move to Miami. I don’t even have enough gas in my car to do DoorDash to make more money. I am broke. I am broken,” Leah lamented.

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@OHAMA….. said; “Do you think is easy to make someone happy and feel loved in his or her life… have to pay for the love and time you both spent together…”....CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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