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Can Emails Sent on Smartphones Be HIPAA Compliant

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Emails sent on smartphones can be HIPAA compliant only if organizations integrate the proper administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. Smartphone use faces high-security risks that affect the integrity of email communication. One of the leading causes of breaches in healthcare security comes from misplaced, stolen, or lost portable devices. Here are the best practices that healthcare organizations can implement to make sure that smartphones send HIPAA compliant emails:..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Utilize Secure Email Platforms

Organizations need to use email platforms that adhere to HIPAA regulations. These platforms can feature robust security features like data encryption during transmission and at rest. HIPAA regulations require organizations to engage with email service providers via a business associate agreement (BAA) if they plan to use email in healthcare delivery. Email providers must also follow HIPAA standards when handling information.

Implement Stringent Smartphone Management

Healthcare organizations must track all the mobile devices in use and determine if users adhere to appropriate configuration settings. A regular audit and review of smartphones can further enhance security measures. Trusted auditing firms can conduct the HIPAA audit to identify potential risk areas. Some restrictions on smartphone use also improve security. Organizations also need to delineate written procedures to address the misuse of smartphones.

Integrate Encryption

Compliance with HIPAA regulatory requirements calls for prioritization of smartphone security to guarantee the integrity of PHI. Healthcare organizations need to take technical and organizational measures to alleviate the risks of smartphone use.

Firms must encrypt emails containing Protected Health Information (PHI) to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information during transmission. Smartphones can send HIPAA compliant emails when using supported encryption protocols. An example of an encryption method is Transport Layer Security (TLS). Some smartphones have built-in encryption protocols, but you can install encryption tools for those without.

Execute Remote Control Capabilities

Organizations can execute remote capabilities such as remote wipe and lock to ensure timely data deletion and device locking. Remote wiping enables users to delete data, emails, and texts on stolen or lost smartphones. The disabling feature works to remotely lock a smartphone if it is lost or stolen. Remote wipe and lock thus lower the risk of unauthorized access to protected data in case of smartphone loss or theft.

Reinforce Authentication Methods

To prevent unauthorized access, email accounts on smartphones must include strong authentication methods such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometric authentication, and passcodes. Masking passcodes can prevent unauthorized people from viewing it. Smartphone users can also activate screen locking after a specified period to restrict access.

Use Secure Network Connections for HIPAA Compliant Email

Smartphones can send HIPAA-compliant emails if users use secure Wi-Fi networks or virtual private networks. Secure networks facilitate the encryption of data during transmission between smartphones, reducing the risk of data interception. Malicious users target public Wi-Fi networks to intercept sensitive information. To ensure HIPAA compliance when using smartphones to send email, you must utilize secure email solutions and ensure that smartphones are secure. Engage with us on the strategies we can use to help protect your email communication.

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