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Convoy of Assorted Luxury cars storm Campus as UNIBEN Engineering students sign out

UNIBEN Engineering students have reportedly made a splash on campus while signing out after exams...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

As students of the University of Benin, UNIBEN, have been signing out after completing exams, the school has experienced an influx of luxury cars and showings.

A trending video online has shown the moment students reportedly of the Faculty of Engineering filed out in a long convoy filled with Benzes, Lexuses, and other such cars.

The showing seems to also be part of a friendly competition between UNIBEN and other higher institutions including Ambrose Alli University where similar displays are common.

It remains unclear how students who are on the verge of graduating have access to such wealth and riches but bystanders are advised to not ask too many questions lest they find unpleasant answers.

The main gate of the school also saw a build-up of traffic as more people attempted to join the celebrations.

Watch video below 

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