Dani Alves visited by ex-partner at his Barcelona home following release from prison

Earlier this week, Dani Alves was released from prison, after his bail amount was paid by his family. The former Barcelona and Sevilla defender was arrested on sexual assault charges back in January 2023 – a charge he was convicted on earlier this month, and has since appealed – and had been imprisoned ever since, until Monday.

During his time in prison, Alves split from his wife, Joana Sanz. She announced that news soon after the Brazilian was charged, although divorce proceedings – which were started – have been put on hold.

Sanz has often stayed out of Alves’ business, but on Friday, it was reported that she visited him at his Barcelona home, as per Fiesta (via Sport).

“A while ago we witnessed how a delivery man arrived at Dani Alves’ house with an order for Joana’s name. At the time it seemed strange to us, but we thought that since the player had his accounts cancelled, he would have placed a home order with his wife’s account. However, we have asked and to our surprise we have been assured by sources close to Joana, that she is inside the house right now with Dani Alves.”

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Alves will remain out of prison until his appeal verdict is heard, although recent reports have suggested that is not expected to happen until 2025.

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