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“Don’t Come to Sango Without a New Car and Mansion”: Portable Taunts Young Duu and Carter Efe

Nigerian singer Habeeb Olawunmi, best known as Portable, shook the internet with his stern warning to his former signee, Young Duu reported that the two artists had a fallout after the music executive accused the young talent of hanging with his enemies

In a new update, the Zazu act criticised Young Duu for travelling to Lagos and warned of things he should do before coming back to Ogun state

Nigerian singer Habeeb Olawunmi, best known as Portable, has finally reacted to his former signee Young Duu’s decision after he left his music label. reported that the Zazu act had issues with the young talent, after which he sacked him and accused him of chilling with his enemies.

Portable’s Young Duu, Portable, Carter Efe

Following his exit from Zeh Nation label, Young came to Lagos and was lucky to get a warm reception from skit maker turned singer Carter Efe, who also bought him a brand new iPhone.

Later, on Friday, October 27th, Portable released a video in which he urged Young Duu not to return to Sango until he had purchased a new car and a large house.

Translating his video in part, he said:

“Don’t come back to Sango if you don’t have a car or a mansion. Don’t come back to Sango if they use your glory to build a mansion.”

See the video below

Portable’s video sparks reactions online compiled some of the reactions below:


“I no understand o, u don pursue am and u still pained ? How many percent u give am.”


“I’ve been waiting for this since , he can never disappoint.”


“He said Carterefe must not rip him and Young Duu must return to Sango with a big car.”


“Ripping go still happen for there for sure , don’t expect a 60/40 deals . It’s 80/20 deal. But younduu needs any kind of deal to be in the limelight . I don’t think any music giant would like to sign him ,he doesn’t have choice than to sign with caterefe.”


“If u listen well, he’s not fighting for youngduu.He actually wants the boy to beg him so that he can use that against him. What’s d meaning of “he shouldn’t come to sango without car and mansion?”


“This matter go long o. My data must never finish.”....CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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