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Encounter with Okuama Villagers in the Forest: “We’re Suffering, Army Must Let Us Go Home”

The Okuama community bears witness to harrowing tales of survival and tragedy as innocent villagers recount the brutal attack that left them displaced and destitute. Following the massacre of 17 soldiers on March 14th by suspected oil bunkers and militants, the community was thrust into chaos, forcing its residents to seek refuge deep within the forest...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

Living in squalid conditions for the past 21 days, families struggle to endure each day, surviving on wild fruits and contaminated water amidst the looming threat of dangerous wildlife. As reporters ventured into their concealed encampment, the stark reality of their plight was unveiled.

**Eyewitness Accounts:**

*Evelyn Edjekota, 45:* On that fateful day, chaos erupted as gunmen in four speed boats descended upon the village, opening fire indiscriminately on soldiers and villagers alike. Amidst the turmoil, families fled into the bush, seeking shelter from the relentless onslaught. With loved ones missing and resources scarce, the agony of uncertainty weighs heavily on us.

*Vero Joseph, 50:* Tragedy struck as soldiers and innocent civilians fell victim to the senseless violence unleashed upon our community. Left with no choice but to seek refuge in the wilderness, we endure each day in anguish, deprived of basic necessities and haunted by the memories of that dreadful day.

*Pa James Ubrebu, 78:* Unable to flee due to poor health, I witnessed the horrors unfold as soldiers and villagers alike became targets of the assailants’ relentless assault. Stranded in the forest with no access to medical care, the suffering is unbearable, and the hope for relief grows dim with each passing day.

*Bernard Michael, 53:* Our once peaceful community has been ravaged by violence, leaving us displaced and destitute. Contrary to accusations, we are not involved in oil bunkering, and the notion of stockpiling arms is absurd. We implore the government to intervene and restore peace to our ravaged village.

**Clarifications and Appeals:**

The allegations leveled against Okuama are baseless and unfounded. We are farmers and traders, not perpetrators of violence or criminal activities. The claim of our involvement in oil bunkering is a malicious fabrication aimed at justifying the military’s presence in our community.

As the military asserts its control over Okuama, we appeal for justice and accountability. Our suffering must not be dismissed or ignored. We demand the truth be uncovered, and those responsible for the atrocities be held accountable.

In our darkest hour, we cling to hope, praying for the day when peace will be restored, and we can return to rebuild our shattered lives. Until then, we endure, united in our resolve to seek justice and reclaim our rightful place in Okuama.

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