Ex-Barcelona boss Luis Enrique slept at Paris Saint-Germain training facility for three months

When Luis Enrique arrived at Barcelona to coach them in 2014, he knew the club inside out having played there for eight years just a decade before. However the Asturian coach is more than aware of his surroundings at Paris Saint-Germain these days too....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

The recently built training facility in Poissy, outside of central Paris, was opened just in time for Luis Enrique to take charge. One of the first to arrive and last to leave at Barcelona, ‘Lucho’ lived at the training ground in Paris for the first three months of his stay there, as per MD. Not metaphorically though, Luis Enrique and his staff stayed in the accommodation at the facility for that initial period, allowing his obsessive nature to flourish in the early stages of his time in France. Since, he has found a property 10km away from the training ground, but not in the city.

At the start of his PSG reign, he was keen to get to know the place and the people he would be working with, prepare the preseason, and imbibe the culture around him. Recently he also admitted that he has not managed to get out on his bike as much as he would like, the climate being the thing he misses most about his home in Barcelona.

Luis Enrique is a keen cyclist, and during his spare time completes endurance cycles, Never lacking in confidence to impose his personality on a job, the former treble winner has been the first coach to take off Kylian Mbappe on a semi-regular basis due to his tactical reasons.

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