Good deeds not religion will get you to Heaven – Nigerian Rapper Blaqbonez

Blaqbonez, a Nigerian hip-hop singer, Emeka Akumefule, has stated that adhering to a particular faith does not ensure one’s entry into paradise...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶

He said as much on the microblogging platform Twitter, adding that kindness to others will keep people alive if there is an afterlife.

Blaqbonez asserts that, in the ultimate scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter if someone is a nasty person or reads religious texts every day or doesn’t miss Sunday services.

The artiste wrote; “If there’s indeed an afterlife, following any religion isn’t going to save you, being good to people, especially those u don’t have to would be the difference, nobody cares that u read a book every morning and don’t miss Sunday services if you’re an asshole.”

Fans debated both in favor of and against Blaq’s religious stance, which sparked intense internet debate.

Check out the post:

@Chimaforkeeps commented; “I say God but I don’t believe in religion ,I know there’s a higher power but they twistin’ the teachin’ I just focus on been good to the next man”

@mister_ade5; Most people who go to these holy houses on chosen days are the biggest assholes. They limit themselves and fail to see the world as it is then judging it like they are the only ones who’d seen it all is outrageous.

@ezekiel_aleke; One mf actually told me I am “lost” and stopped being my friend because I don’t go to church???? Na Konji cause that rubbish sha????

@bigSmileLee_; People desperately want to believe in an afterlife due to greed/cowardice but the idea of beforelife is absurd. People are strange.

@theonlytobe1; Don’t throw the baby with the bath water.There’s an afterlife,and while being good to people at all times is a good thing,it’s never going to make you go tothe right place in the after life.I can’t say because I do good I can enter your house without following the rules to get in

@yannisante3; When you think you know too much. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life, for all your good deeds without believing in him are worthless. Read your Bible, please???? let no man mislead you.

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