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Greene County residents seek property tax relief after increase

Greene County commissioners voted to increase property taxes by 30% in July, but for those who have retired or are living on a fixed income, that tax increase could have detrimental effects....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

“I just feel sorry for the people that are on fixed income,” said Greene County resident Sherry Gaskins. “It breaks my heart.”

Gaskins told News Channel 11 her taxes have been notably higher since the increase was approved.

“A lot of people around here that work are on a fixed income, and it can be devastating,” said Gaskin. “That could be their grocery money and rents going up everywhere because of the property tax, and it is causing people to not be able to afford their living.”

Tennessee offers a tax relief program for those who fall into the category of disabled, disabled veteran, widow of a disabled veteran and anyone 65 and older. Tammy Livingston, a deputy trustee tax relief specialist, said she has seen more people in Greene County apply for the program because of the 30% tax increase.

“Our total last year, we signed up 165 people,” said Livingston. “That was between October and March. This year, we’ve well exceeded that because we are already at 200, and we’re just in February.”

Livingston added that if a person is accepted into the program, they will receive a voucher that will help provide them relief for the City of Greeneville or Greene County property taxes.

County commissioners also voted to raise the percentage they match of the state discount from 60% to 100% to help compensate for the tax increase.

“This year, the state discount is $127, so the ones that are already on the program, they are getting $127 and then the county’s matching that,” said Livingston. “They’re getting another $127 on top of that, then they would just have to pay the difference.”

The deadline to apply for a tax relief program is April 5. Applications can be submitted at the Greene County Trustees office.

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