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How to Know If Watermelon Is Bad: 5 Signs

Watermelons are the quintessential summer fruit. Those good days of sitting on the porch on a hot summer day while munching on watermelon slices or having a seed spitting contest with your siblings (or is that just us?)....CONTINUE.THE.FULL.READING OF THE ARTICLE>>>

However, you like to enjoy your watermelons, there are signs that you need to look out for before buying so that you can avoid purchasing a bad one.

For Whole Watermelons

Whole Watermelons
1. Check the Skin

You need to watch out for any obvious dark patches and soft spots because these are tell-tale signs that the watermelon has gone bad. The color should be dark green and lime green.

2. Check the Shape

Now that you’ve checked the skin, look at the shape. Go for round-shaped over asymmetrically shaped watermelons because that’s a sign it is beyond ripe.

3. Yellow Spot

If the watermelon has a nice shape but has a yellow spot, do not worry. That means it is ripe. If you see a white or green spot, then that watermelon is still unripe.

4. Brown Belly Button

What if the watermelon passed steps 1 to 3? Go to step 4, which is to check for a brown belly button. If the belly button is not brown, then that watermelon is not ready to be eaten. Pick another watermelon.

5. Listen When You Tap

This tap test will tell you if the watermelon is juicy. When you tap, it should produce a nice hollow sound.

For Sliced Watermelons

Sliced Watermelons

If you want to buy one of those cut and packed watermelon, look at the cut surface. A ripe and ready-to-eat watermelon will have a pink or red flesh without any discoloration, off-scent, or even a slimy texture.

If there’s mold growing on it, it’s a definite sign that watermelon belongs in the bin and not your stomach. Store-bought cut watermelon slices can be eaten within five days, but it also depends on how you store them in the fridge.

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