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“I am Not Leaving Nigeria”: Woman Rejects Relocation to UK with Kids, Says Husband Must Follow

A lady has shared how her husband suggested that she relocates to the UK with their children while he stays back in Nigeria

However, she refused to relocate and firmly stood her ground, insisting on staying together in their home country as a family

Netizens expressed mixed opinions on the matter in the comments section with many faulting her decision

In a TikTok video, a Nigerian mother @missy_ola_ recounted her husband’s request to send her and their children abroad.

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He had proposed a plan for her and their children to move to the United Kingdom while he remained in Nigeria.

Woman refuses to relocate abroad with her kids

Woman rejects husband’s request to move her and kids abroad

However, she adamantly refused to go without her husband and insisted that he go with them or they all remain in Nigeria.

She said:

“If you are not going with us, we ain’t going nowhere.”

Her firm stance on prioritising family unity resonated with many viewers, highlighting the importance of togetherness in such life-changing decisions.

Divided opinions emerge in the comments section

Following the TikTok video, netizens flocked to the comments section, expressing their contrasting views.

Some applauded Missy_ola’s decision, commending her commitment to keeping the family intact.

They believed that the children’s well-being and the strength of their marriage should take precedence over potential opportunities abroad.

On the other hand, some argued that moving to the UK could offer better prospects for the children, leading to a higher quality of life.

They suggested that Missy_ola should consider the long-term benefits for her kids, even if it meant temporarily separating from her husband.

@XOX0123 said:
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“Girl think about it wisely ow. If this may be a good opportunity for you and your children go and don’t mind him. If you want to stay because of fear.”

@qali_19 said:

“I have seen the UK, you my friend are a very wise woman. There is nothing but back-breaking work, stress and depression waiting for you there.”

@Rebecca Ejike reacted:

“I will so go with my kids and won’t look back.”

@Rukky reacted:

“A lot of people commenting haven’t actually travelled na why as dem hear uk body Dey sweet them. It’s not easy to work and take care of a child alone.”

@Precious said:

“You better go. Man that wants to be with you will always be for you. It’s better living for your kids.”

@sisi said:

“Go together o, distance marriage is a big problem and looking after children alone is another problem abroad.”

Watch the video below:

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